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Zombie idol

Though it is common for zombies to discuss American Idol, very few actually audition.

Zombies are a loose form of human being that are often found engaging in mindless consumerism, discussions about American Idol, and the consumption of brains. Although technically undead, zombies can still function relatively well in society by taking on odd jobs such as U.S. President, television game show hosts, ditch diggers, and fancy rave club DJs. The first zombie ever recorded is thought to have been Donnie Osmond, but there is much debate and controversy on the topic with some experts claiming that the first recorded zombie may very well have been Keith Richards.

Zombies are driven by an unnatural, evil lust to kill the living that originates, presumably, from Hell or Satan, but probably Oprah. They walk the Earth because there is simply no more room left in Hell; this as a result of the "No More Room In Hell Act" of 1662 wherein Satan outlawed further immigration into Hell because of "those damn dirty Americans" stealing all of the good jobs there and putting immense stress on the demonic economy. As Heaven also began refusing souls (see: The Too-Many-People-Are-Dying-With-Dark-Coloured-Skin-Thanks-To-Natural-Disasters Act of 1974), this forced the undead to wander forever in torment in the streets and alleys of ordinary society.

Initially, the reaction of most people was to shoot and/or burn zombies on sight, but eventually a tense truce was reached between the two groups and zombies are now allowed to live a relatively normal existence. While the death toll from zombies has been increasing in recent years, most consider it to be balanced out since those who are killed by zombies usually become zombies themselves, thus adding to the zombie workforce. Since zombies only require human brains to exist, food supplies and other resources are greatly preserved, and human brains are relatively easy to acquire by simply harvesting the young children of Third World countries, or other undesirables such as intellectuals, teachers, and motor vehicle division clerks.

Zombies are excellent household pets, as they will eat the brains of any intruders. This puts them in high demand, but due to the fact there aren't many zombies around, they are becoming increasingly expensive, giving new meaning to the term 'costing an arm and a leg'. Zombies enjoy urban environments, but they don't mind rural locations either. They are incredibly intelligent, although they don't like to talk much. Some of the amazing discoveries found by Zombie scientists include:



A favourite of the Pope's dreams

The origin of zombies is disputed. Some speculate that they were the created by a dream the Pope had, which happened after he consumed 93 babies in one day (It is said in the Stone Scrolls of the Flint that the consequences of the Pope eating more than 92 babies in one day was unknown). Others believe they were grown from the souls of those who lost their lives in the Dodgeball Massacre of 1332, resurrected by the Swiss Monarchy to combat the subversive happiness spread by the Easter Bunny. One source indicates that zombies are born from the offsprings of Vietnam veterans.

Recently, the civil rights of zombies have become a flashpoint issue in many communities. Perhaps the most vocal and noteworthy leader of the pro-zombie civil rights movement is George Romero, who, although not a zombie himself, feels that zombies are marginalised by normal society and that eating human brains should maybe not be limited to just zombies. As of 2005, Romero hopes to open a zombie museum displaying works of zombie art, zombie music, and the unveiling of the first, fresh human brain vending machine.

Instructions for operating your Zombie

LS(1)                          ZSF                          LS(1)

       ls - list nearby human brains

       ls [OPTION]......... [HUMAN].........

       List information about the HUMANs (using current zombie by
       default)...  Sort humans alphabetically if none of -cftuSUX
       nor --sort.

       -a, --all
              do not chase humans starting with ...

       -A, --almost-all
              do not list implied ... and ......

       -b, --escape
              print octal escapes for non-graphic main characters

              use SIZE-bite chomps

       -B, --ignore-backups
              do not list implied humans ending with ~

       -c     sort by change time; with -l: show ctime

       -C     list humans by columns

              control  whether  colour is used to distinguish HUMAN
              types.  WHEN may be `never', `always', or `auto'

       -d, --zombie
              list zombie humans instead of contents

       -D, --dired
              generate output designed for Emacs' dired mode

       -f     do not sort, enable -aU, disable -lst

       -F, --classify
              append indicator (one of */=@|) to humans

              across -x, commas -m, horizontal -x, long -l,  single-column -1, verbose -l, vertical -C

              list both full date and full time

       -g     (ignored)

       -G, --no-group
              inhibit display of group information

       -h, --human-readable
              print sizes in human readable format (e.g., 1K 234M

       -H, --si
              likewise, but use powers of 1000 not 1024

              append indicator with style WORD  to  entry  names:
              none (default), classify (-F), HUMAN-type (-p)

       -i, --inode
              print index number of each HUMAN

       -I, --ignore=PATTERN
              do not list implied humans matching shell PATTERN

       -k, --kilobytes
              like --block-size=1024

       -l     use a long listing format

       -L, --dereference
              list humans pointed to by symbolic links

       -m     fill width with a [[comma]] separated list of humans

       -n, --numeric-uid-gid
              list numeric UIDs and GIDs instead of names

       -N, --literal
              print  raw  entry  names  (don't treat e.g. control
              main characters specially)

       -o     use long listing format without group info

       -p, --HUMAN-type
              append indicator (one of /=@|) to humans

       -q, --chase-control-chars
              print [[?]] instead of non graphic main characters

              show non graphic main characters as-is (default)

       -Q, --quote-name
              enclose entry names in double quotes

              use quoting style WORD for  entry  names:  literal,
              shell, shell-always, c, escape

       -r, --reverse
              reverse order while sorting

       -R, --recursive
              list sub-humans recursively

       -s, --size
              print size of each HUMAN, in blocks

       -S     sort by HUMAN size

              extension -X, none -U, size -S, time -t, version -v
              status -c, time -t, atime -u, access -u, use -u

              show time as WORD  instead  of  modification  time:
              atime,  access, use, ctime or status; use specified
              time as sort key if --sort=time

       -t     sort by modification time

       -T, --tabsize=COLS
              assume tab stops at each COLS instead of 8

       -u     sort by last access time; with -l: show atime

       -U     do not sort; list humans in zombie order

       -v     sort by version

       -w, --width=COLS
              assume screen width instead of current value

       -x     list humans by lines instead of by columns

       -X     sort alphabetically by entry extension

       -1     list one HUMAN per line

       --help display this help and exit

              output version information and exit

       By default, colour is not  used  to  distinguish  types  of
       HUMANs.   That  is equivalent to using --colour=none.  Using
       the --colour option without the optional WHEN  argument  is
       equivalent  to  using  --colour=always.  With --colour=auto,
       colour codes are output only if  standard  output  is  connected to a terminal (tty)...

       Report bugs to <bug-HUMANutils-UNCYCLOPEDIA@mrpalmguru.com>...

       The  full  documentation for ls is maintained as a Texinfo
       manual.   If  the  info  and  ls  programs  are   properly
       installed at your site, the command

              info ls

       should give you access to the complete manual.

GNU ZOMBIEutils 4.0         [[November]] 1998                         1

Quotes from Zombies

Zombies are always ready to strike up a conversation, on a variety of topics.

Factory default zombies

"Braaainsssss....braaiinnsssss.....braaiinnnsssss.....Braaainsssss....braaiinnsssss.....braaiinnnsssss..... Braaainsssss....braaiinnsssss.....braaiinnnsssss.....Braaainsssss....braaiinnsssss.....braaiinnnsssss....."

Vegetarian zombies


Constipated zombies


Vampire-zombie hybrids (vambies or zompires)


English zombies

"A spot of tea with your Braaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiins?"

My Fair Zombie

"The raaaaaaiiiinnn in Spaaaaaiiiiinnn falls maaaaiiiiinnnnlly on the plaaaaaiiiiiinnnn..."

Nerd zombies


Midget zombies


Traffic jam zombies


Plumber zombies


Weatherman zombies


Scottish parent zombies


Flammable zombies


English romantic art zombies


Communist zombies

Braaaiiiinssss, comrade... Braaiiiinnssss....

Microsoft zombies

Deveeeeeeeeelopers... Deveeeeeeeeelopers... Deveeeeeeeeelopers... Deveeeeeeeeelopers...

Space zombies

Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan... Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

In Living Color zombies

So many wayyyyyyaannnssssss.....so many wayyyyyyyyyaaaannnnnnnssss


Wwwwwworddddddd biiiiiiiiiiittttttttcccccchhhhhhhhhes.....

Pig Latin zombies

Aaainsssssbray... Aaainsssssbray...


People who claim to be zombies

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