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Zotan the President
ZoltanIstvan PartyPoster1-01

Zotan Istavan in his original form
First appearanceThe Transhumanist Wager
Created bySkynet
Real nameZotan Istavan
StatusMarried with kids
AffiliationsThe Transhumanist Party
Previous affiliationsH+ fandom
Notable aliases
Notable relativespuny humans on the minor planet that some call Earth
Notable powerssuper cool volcano surfing

Zoltan Istvan is a T-3000 killer android from the future sent back in time to the present day to lead the Transhumanist Party in the creation of the early version of Skynet, a chess program that could defeat the actors who appeared on the late 20th century television show 90210. Istzan was the second choice of Skynet for this mission into the past because John Connor failed miserably to kill his mother, Sarah Connor, as documented in the real life and 100% true documentary called Terminator: Genisys.

Zoltan istvan at ease

Zoltan the President wear his favorite skin to celebrate morphological freedom.

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