Zelda's Adventure

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Zelda's Adventure
Zelda's Adventure
The greatest Zelda game ever made.
Developer(s) Viridis
Publisher(s) Philips Media
Creator(s) Lee Barnes and Anna Roth
Release date June 5, 1994
Genre Action-adventure
Platform(s) Philips CD-i
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Zelda's Adventure is a 1994 WINNER action-adventure video game developed by Viridis and published by Philips Media for the CD-i. It is the third and final game in The Legend of Zelda CD-i series. It has a top-down view reminiscent of the original The Legend of Zelda, and features live-action FMVs that contain some of the best acting and costumes you'll ever see in your life. Once again, you play as Zelda, who must stop Ganon from conquering the kingdom of Tolemac. The game is often considered to be the most WINNER game of the trilogy.

edit Characters

  • Princess Zelda (Diane Burns; Annie Ward) is the heroine of the game, who has to rescue Link...again.
  • Ganon is the villain of the game, resurrected a third time to wreak havoc upon Tolemac.
  • Gaspra (Mark Andrade) is a pervy old man and court astronomer who gives Zelda advice on her journey.

edit Plot

Some time has passed since Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, and Hyrule has returned to a state of a peace. Meanwhile, Ganon uncovers the seven Celestial Signs, and decides to use them for his evil schemes. He and his minions seize the kingdom of Tolemac and steal the Signs; harnessing their power, he morphs into a demon and is able to make his enemies DIE like never before. Since Tolemac an impassable southeastern region of Hyrule, King Harkinian is unable to send his secret police to the region. Scared of being captured again by Ganon, the King sends Link to free Tolemac.

One night, an old guy named Gaspra finds a bottle and it has a note that reads: "Ganon did bad stuff, Link was captured, and Zelda has to stop him." Gaspra begins to search for a solution, and senses a great magical power: it was the innocent angel Zelda who saved Gamelon from Ganon, not Link. He then tells her what happened and gives her an amulet that transports her to Tolemac.

Once there, Zelda is telepathically contacted by Shurmak the sorceress, who provides her with advice on the journey. Immediately, Zelda finds a weapon:[1] a Magic Wand. The wand gives her the ability to create magic spells that could summon any weapon she had the chance to study. Her quest is long and boring, but she manages to reclaim six of the Celestial Signs.[2]

When Zelda finds the seventh Sign, she is captured by Ganon and locked in his secret dungeon. Ganon morphs into all of the bosses Zelda fought before, then to his "demon" form, but nevertheless gets his ass kicked. Ganon then spins into a tornado and splits apart into several little pieces. Darkness is lifted from Tolemac, and Zelda manages to rescue Link.

At the end of the game, Link and Zelda stand where Ganon's fortress once stood. Link, being his usual self, asks Zelda for a kiss; Zelda at first refuses, but lets him hold her hand out of pity.

edit Development

After the success of the first two Zelda games, Philips handed the reigns over the Viridis to create a third Zelda game, Zelda's Adventure. While creating the game, Viridis' designers had the brilliant idea of using their vacation photos as the games' scenery. They also made it so sound effects and music couldn't be played at the same time; this gave the game a more avant-garde feel than previous Zelda games.

edit Reception

Much like the first two games, Zelda's Adventure was a rousing success. It is widely considered to be the best game of the trilogy, and the best Zelda game overall.

edit References

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