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There are five hidden "d's" in the picture. See if you can find them!

“In the future, card games will be played on motor bikes!”
~ Tristan Taylor on Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds
“That is the stupidest thing that's ever come out of your mouth. Card games on motor bikes, come on!”
~ Yugi Muto on the above quote
“Let's all play children's card games to save the world guys!”
~ Main Character on your mom

The plot here really isn't too difficult to comprehend. It's easier to grasp than the concept of Nerf swords. They really do have those! Check them out! Anyway, the plot is simple. So simple, I'll list the main points. Ahem.

  1. There's this really cool protagonist.
  2. There's a somewhat cool antagonist.
  3. There are cards.
  4. There are motorcycles.
  5. There are dragons.
  6. There are crazy hairstyles.
  7. There are homosexual characters.

That's basically the plot line. Yeah, I know...

edit Characters!


He has freaking lightning coming out from behind him! How F-ing cool is that?!

The Yu-Gi-Oh franchise is known for bringing us historic, memorable characters such as Yugi, Joey, Granpappy Abram, Mai's chest, Jaden, Jaden's gay sidekick who reminds me a lot of Yugi with glasses, the Chazz, demonic teddy bear, and Mako. How in the world will this series ever measure up? Well, why don't you take a look?

  • Yusei Fudo

What's that you say? You don't like Yusei? I'm sorry, but the joke was absolutely necessary. Anyway, on the day of his 18th birthday, he dropped out of high school and decided to join a chain gang. Of course, he was never able to get in, due to the necessary literary requirements. While he was wallowing in self pity, he noticed some extremely popular kids playing a children's card game. This sparked an idea.

He would take this gay little game, and become the very best at it. So, after figuring out how the game was played (which required an extremely long amount of time), he challenged his first opponent, Timmy. He defeated Timmy with great ease, and bragged about it to his potential lady friends. He was immediately laughed at, and he cried.

He later deduced that the game was much too lame. How could he make it cooler? That's right, motorcycles. He started a crazy online rumor that Lindsay Lohan was the president. Afterward, he started another crazy rumor about Yu-Gi-Oh on motorcycles. It swept across the internet faster than the dramatic hamster. Soon, a new chapter of dueling was born. Basically, this could have been in a separate section, but Yusei deserves a hecka long section. I mean, look how feaking awesome he is!

  • Jack Atlast

Kaiba after seeing who his replacement was.

“He's just another ripoff of Kaiba.”
~ Captain Obvious on Jack Atlast

At last, we finally have a character as cool as Kaiba! Wait... what's that? Oh... Apparently, Jack is just a gay Kaiba rip-off. How, you may ask? Let's see...

  1. He is arrogant and self-confident.
  2. His signature card is called, "Red Dragon Archfiend." You know, that doesn't remind me at all of a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Not at all...
  3. He steals a card in the very beginning of the series. Kaiba never did that. Oh, wait, THAT WAS THE FIRST THING HE DID.
  4. He lived a poor life, but then rose to the top. Yep, Kaiba NEVER did that.
  5. He and Yusei are both part of some sort of prophesy. Just like Kaiba and Yugi!

Basically, he is a gay Kaiba rip-off. They should have just thrown Kaiba back into the show. But, he was too busy looking at a giant rock. That was an amazing giant rock, though.

  • Akiza "Girl" Izinski

She's a girl, so many 5D's fans will love her. She can bring monsters to life or something. She has a dragon. It's a plant dragon, which really shouldn't work. Dragons breathe fire and stuff, right? So, a plant dragon would either kill itself or never use fire. Either way, it's totally gay.

  • Leo and Luna

They're twin kids. That's right, the show ACTUALLY HAS CHILDREN PLAYING A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME. I guess the series is becoming more realistic. You know, besides all the "motorcycle duels" stuff. Anyway, they look exactly alike. Like, freakishly so. The big twist is that the girl is more relevant to the plot than the boy. Say goodbye to sexism in Yu-Gi-Oh! Um... sexism for children. Yes, that sounds more realistic. Though, Since the show revolves around Motorcycles, they decided that would be too Dangerous for kids so they gave them Dueling Skateboards which is actually pretty cool if your 5 years old and still think playing Yugioh is fun.

  • Andore (And/or)

Andore is the guy with the FUCKING HORN!

This guys is one of the biggest douches on the show. His famous "Kardo Purayingo Sense" lets his Unicorn Horn attached to his hair into a Unicorn that plays Children's Trading Card games on a Motorcycle shaped like a Unicorn. Aside from being the gayest addition to the Show next to the addition of Bruno, he is also known for having sexual affairs with Rex's brother Rooooooooooooger. But really if you dont think this guy is gay, then what the hell is Team Unicorn???

  • Rex GoodWin

Not all elderly men can look this foxy.

Basically, he's a lame Pegasus rip-off. He's older, less-gay, and has wavy hair. That's about it. Wait, what's that? He's actually pretty cool?! Whoa, check this out...

  • With his elitism, he transformed the city into a hierarchical society. Hey, that sounds pretty awesome.
  • He holds the Fortune Cup to gather the remaining Signers and awaken their powers. That sounds pretty important.
  • It is seen that he can be aggressive if necessary, but usually keeps a calm demeanor. Character complexity? I like that.
  • Has a cybernetic left arm. Whoa, what? THAT IS SO COOL!!
  • He is in possession of a severed arm with the head part of the Mark of the Dragon. Okay, he OWNS A SEVERED ARM. Not only that, but it has the Mark of the Dragon. That's amazing!
  • He and Carmine created Heroes (TV Series). Words can't honor that enough.
  • He touched Chuck Norris. Okay, I highly doubt that, but Wiki-I mean, UNCYCLOpedia has never lied to me before. Well, there was that time I wanted to learn the plot of the Twilight movie. My girlfriend Stacy really didn't like that version. Her mom does have it going on, though. (Please disregard the last comment. The author was sleep deprived.)


Note: After you actually watch the show, Rex is not nearly as awesome.

edit Actual Plotline


Sonic likes fast things like motorcycles. Sonic likes this series.

So, you already know the basics of the plot, but let me walk you through the entire story.

One day, Yusei does some stuff. Then Jack is p.o.ed, because Yusei keeps saying "You don't know Jack!" Jack tries to kill him, but Rex Goodwin intervenes and creates ice cream. Yay, Rex! So basicly Childrens Card Games on Motorcycles

edit Gameplay

The gameplay is rather difficult. You have to play a children's card game WHILE DRIVING A MOTORCYCLE.

edit Conclusion

If it weren't for Rex Goodwin and Yusei, this show would completely suck. The actual story is incredibly boring, but they make the show worthwhile.

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