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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Nobody?

See? They suck.

Let's be honest, your friends SUCK! Well, that is if you even have some, which it is always possible that you don't, but I'm going to keep an open mind and say you don't. Back to the subject, your friends hate you. They only want you for money, drugs, and sex But really, that's why you wanted to be their friends in the first place. Didn't work out did it? Friends just aren't as good as they seem.

edit The good news on friends

Well for starters, I hear it was a great show. Oh wrong Friends. Sorry my mistake. We're talking about your friends, the ones that are smoking all your weed, having sex with your girl, and taking your money. Oh wait. This is the good side of friends. Okay then.

I guess I'll lie then. Your friends are very loyal, but so was your girlfriend, then she met your friends. Your friends talk to you, about giving them stuff. Which you should. That's the key to a healthy relationship. Or getting broke. Of course, you could always mooch off your friends and steal their cable, which is a good thing.

edit The bad news about girlfriends

She went to your friends house to study (Yeah that's it.) At 11:00 she went back to your friends house for more studying. Then she came back, at 6 and smoked all your weed. Then she left, something about mcdonalds. Didn't I mention your friends name? The wonderful ronald mcdonald. Yep, she's dating a hamburger. If you know what I mean.

Well one day you find out she's cheating on you. So you break up. Then you meet this fine woman with big boobs and a nice butt. But of course, that was your old girlfriend. All the other girls are either ugly as shit or taken by your friends.

edit The good things about your friends' girlfriends

You bastard, you're not thinking of taking your friend's girl, are you? I mean, after all, he did take your girlfriend. Oh yeah, I agree, but it's still wrong. You should be loyal, and a good example. But she looks so good, doesn't she?

Oh, guess what, that's not going to work. Didn't you read, that's your old girl. I guess there is nothing good about your friends' girlfriends. They all suck.

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