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Why is this picture here? Don't ask me, you put it there!

“Phew, this wasn't easy.”
~ You on this article
“I'm a great success!”
~ Borat on this article
“I love cocaine.”
~ You on Yourself

Well done Jackass! You've just finished writing up this article, how shit clever you are! Now I'm sure many questions are running through your head right now like "why don't I remember writing this?" and "am I the figment of my own imagination?", but I'll ask you to keep such queries to yourself until I've finished guiding you through your beautifully well written page.

edit Congratulations!

Once again, bravo! Making an article, let alone an article as hilarious as this one, is no easy work; it requires patience and discipline, talents that aren't graced to just anyone. Maybe this is an article you'll show to your internet friends? They should clearly be shown how devilishly witty you can be.

So this article is about you writing an article about writing an article? Absolute genius. Only the educated could understand such a thing, you're appealing to a very wise demographic!

bojanglescanada was here getting sucked down by a call girl in world of whorecraft

edit Uh-Oh

The mods don't like this page, they say it's too stupid Awesome, they say it's too short Sexy. "How dare you write something as inane Cool as this article", they say! This is no good at all SUPER MEGA AWESOMRIFFIC. How are you going to rectify be sublimely rewarded for this? You could probably try to rewrite this article orgasm to turn it into something that might make Uncyclopedia a funnier and more entertaining website even better, but if no one else bothers to do that for their articles why should you?

edit Your Final Solution

  • Spend six hours making article better
  • Invite other Uncyclopedia writers to contribute to this article
  • Article gets deleted.
  • Lol.
  • Kill All Jews Hitler

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