You Have Been Abducted

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Ah, I see you're coming round. What's the last thing you remember, eh? Coming out of that party - too bad you were drunk, bitch, all this might not have happened - and finding something falling over your head, and a funny smell. Hey, you don't remember that bit? Sorry, I guess the chloroform was too concentrated.

edit Where are you?

I can see what you're thinking, too. You can't see a thing - I did a good job when I made that blindfold. Good workmanship. Yes, you're still wearing your heels. Now you're trying to check to see whether your gold necklace is still there. Ha! You just discovered the handcuffs. No, my darling, you're not going anywhere. Now you're trying to use your legs as radar - no, that won't work either, they're tied up too.

edit Who am I?

You don't have a clue, do you? Was I at that party? Do I work in your school? Am I a hobo? I can see two ideas struggling for position in your mind.

You want to think that I'm Mark, that sexy guy who left early. You want to think I've got lovely dark hair and blue eyes, and that I couldn't stand the heat of passion any longer but thought you were too incorruptible to go about wooing, so the only way I could see of having you was to abduct you.

What you seriously think is this though - that I'm a lonely middle-aged man who watches too much internet porn and wears a dirty mackintosh. I'm bald (formerly ginger) and have a drip on my nose, but violent and unpredictable from frequent cocaine use. After I've had my way with you, I'm going to murder you and dump the mutilated corpse in the woods after I have committed necrophilia on the corpse.

I'm not going to give you a definite answer, though. You can just stew. You'll never see me.

edit Why is this happening?

Think back to last night, bitch. Do you remember what you wore? Yes? Well, that's a start, you silly blonde imbecile. Just think about it for a moment. That skirt so short that every time you nodded your head it exposed your panties. That top that was so low all the guys were trying to get you onto the dance floor. Those killer heels. It was your fault, you know - you shouldn't be such a slut. Can't blame men for their instincts, you know. How many times have you been raped so far?

edit What's going to happen now?

Don't you wish you knew. I'm not going to tell you, I'm just sitting here watching your mind work and laughing. Soon I'll get down to business. Just relax. I won't kill you. Quite.

It might be quite a near thing, I suppose. And you will die, once you stop being sexy. Don't worry, that's not for a while yet. You hope. I haven't finished preparing your room yet, though. I've only just made the cage - I haven't even begun fitting the chains yet. Never mind, you can just stay here till I'm done. Then we will play. I've brought the whips, though. And I've got a lovely shiny new collar for you, with lead attached. No, don't think you're getting away...


My daddy is bigger than your daddy, baby. I don't think you need to worry about him interrupting our fun. I'll be feeding you once a day, training will start as soon as I've got your room straight. You might enjoy it, you never know. Well, it doesn't actually matter if you don't, since you don't have a choice. I've left a trail that no-one could follow. I'm totally undetectable. And if, by some freak chance, you should get contact with the outside world, I want you to remember that it would be easy to block up all air-holes, entrances and exits to your room...

Have a nice day!

edit Now lets get down!

Down to the floor... Dah Dah Dah... Ok! Now me! Doo doo doo... Now!!! Oh yeah! Oh! Ohhhhh yeeeaaahhhh!!!! Shake it till it burns Babe! *censored* Oh damn! You are lovely! Don't protest! That was a compliment. Oh, you're still in handcuffs and ropes around your legs? I guess you can't get down with those on can you? Maybe if I just tie your waist to this cement post then untie your legs you can get down with me...Ow! No, really, ow! I should have taken off those heels first, but they look so sexy on you, I just couldn't make myself do it...

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