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You're reading this text in the thumbnail.

“I think someone's reading my quote.”
~ Oscar Wilde on the quote he just made

Guess what you're reading?


If you're reading this text, then you obviously know of this page, unless someone printed it out, curse them. But don't worry, reading this text is okay as long as you do it in moderation.

edit What you're reading

Did you know...
that you are reading this factoid box?

This, obviously. Maybe you're reading something else, too. Maybe you've got a book with you. Maybe you have another window open. But that doesn't change the fact that you're reading this.

You're reading this text right now. See? You just read the word text, and then the word just! As a matter of fact, you read them again when I told you you read them!

edit A simple bet

I bet I can't make you read this bold text.

Damn. Here's your five bucks.

edit You're reading this heading

You're reading the main text in this section.

edit You're reading this sub-heading

You're reading the text in this subsection.

edit You're reading this subber-heading

No, that's not a super-heading. Maybe an ultra-heading.

edit You're reading this subbest-heading

Wow, this is getting redundant.

This is not a real heading

But you still read it, didn't you?

edit You're reading another subber-heading

Okay, I'll stop now. By the way, your eyes landed on this line of text. HAR!

edit What to do if you read this heading

I think you read that heading. Well, you've at least read this text. So here's what you can do.

  • Stop reading
    • Seriously, stop
      • What are you, some kind of bookworm?
  • If you have something better to do, do it.
    • Otherwise, smash your head against a brick wall until you see pink cows telling you to go to sleep. Listen to them.
  • Go outside
  • Cheat
  • Press Alt-F4
  • Edit this text so you don't have to see it when you enter this page
    • Notice I didn't provide a link. Because this text is sacred.
  • Did you see that shiny picture?
    • I made it myself. Hooray!
  • Die
  • Keep reading

edit You just love reading headings, don't you?

Wow, you're a read-y little person.

Now go outside.

edit You're Reading The Links to More Reading Material Aren't You? I Think You Are, and You Can't Lie to Me.

A link to a page which won't know you're reading it

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