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Yakky doodle

Do you really want to eat him?

Yakky Doodle is probably one of Hanna-Barbera's most obscure characters next to Loopy de Loop and Yippe, Yappy, and Yahooey which were never that popular! He would work for Hanna-Barbera even before Hanna-Barbera was structured.

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edit Tom and Jerry Years

In 1950, Yakky Doodle was signed on to a Tom and Jerry cartoon where he was actually hatched! His father is Donald Duck, and that's why he killed Tom in his debut cartoon, and Yakky's mom was Daisy Duck. For many reasons Yakky never signed with Disney. Yakky states that Disney's portrayals of all the duck family being rage-a-holics was offensive to him. Other reasons where Mickey wasn't nice to Yakky and snubbed him while Jerry was considerably way nicer to Yakky and was the one who convinced him to join his show.

Yakky was only seen in seven cartoons before he left MGM with his managers and he became part of Hanna-Barbera's new Studio, so it was one cartoon a year. Even though Tom would try and eat Yakky, he actually never had the heart to eat him! As a matter of fact, Tom actually has taken care of Yakky off-stage.

edit Hanna-Barbera Years

Yakky would not have a cartoon until 1960, even though he was seen on Augie Doggie, Yogi Bear, and Loopy de Loop cartoons.

It was later known that Yakky would have a cartoon and he would be teamed-up by a bulldog named Chopper and a fox named Fibber who actually tried to eat Yakky...but Tom said...nothing, Tom doesn't talk...does he?

Anyhow, The cartoons weren't well known and Yakky was used in other cartoons and was called 'the cute duck'. Even though he's the size of a duckling, he's a duck. But he's the runt of his own litter.

edit Later Years

Yakky Doodle was in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich and he was one of the few to tell this story on how the Yogi Yahooeys got killed by the Really Rottens. Team USA won a few gold medals and Yakky won for all the swimming medals. This would be a record until 2008 when Michael Phelps would break that record. And unlike Phelps, Yakky never sold his medals for weed.

In 1973, Yakky would rejoin the resurrected group of Yogi's and fly around Noah's Ark for the year to stop pollution that was around the world.

Later on, Yakky would help Yogi for buried treasure in 1987 and in the chest was Jim Bakker's money and Tammy Faye's makeup. This would lead to the arrest of Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye cried so hard that everyone saw her face without makeup!

edit Birdman Years

Yakky Doodle would be back helping out Harvey Birdman by trying to solve cases about Grape Ape using steroids in 1972...but Grape Ape was guilty and had to sing a song. Yakky wrote the song as well as sang it, but everyone else drowned him out.

Yakky wanted to get his named changed too, when Harvey had a hard time understanding Yakky's pronunciation of his name which made Yakky show his dad's anger

edit Latter Years

Yakky dated and was engaged to Webby Vanderquack but broke it off days before the wedding date and eloped with Gosalyn Mallard.

Do to Hannah-Barbarra's sudden end. Yakky has previously tried to get a job at Looney Toons. Shooting a pilot with Daffy's son about 2 deadbeat buddy cops which wasn't picked up by Adult Swim.

Yakky being a close friend of Fenton Crackshell, also known as GizmoDuck. Yakky was trained by Fenton to be his side kick. The 2 pitched the idea of a show to Disney. Disney initially passed but do to superhero's recent popularity latter gave them money to shoot a pilot. The show as originally gonna be picked up before Disney bought share holds in Marvel Comics. Disney instead dropped the show in favor for Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes. Yakky has since gone to Nickelodeon for a job also WB.

Yakky recently was seen partying with Demi Lovato and Hedi The O-Possum. Yakky is also apart of a support group with Leif Garrett, Barry Williams, Dustin Diamond, Cory Feldmen, Danny Bonaduce and other down on their luck childhood actors.

Yakky was arrested for slapping Xzibit ruining Donald's classic boat on Xzibit's failed Pimp My Ride spin-off Pimp My Boat. Xzibit has pressed charges forcing Yakky to go prison where he joined a gang and often fought with the beagle boys.

When released Uncle Scrooge hearing stories of Yakky in prison hired Yakky to do his dirty work for him against his enemies. Rumors are Gosalyn is pregnat

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