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Bill Gates getting sexually aroused off of your soul.

A Xbox humper is Vince Pacionee. They thrive in large packs (online packs since they never leave their bed/couch/chair) and spend the day playing most largely Halo, Halo 2 and Gears of War. Upon playing one of these titles the victim slowly begins to lose his/her soul ( which is devoured by Bill Gates )

edit Apperance

The most common Xbox Humper is pale white with incisor like teeth that can retract into there gums to provide a less predator like look when desired. The eyes range from being plain black to plain white to even green cat like eyes. If the victim is a male the penis falls off after the first month of being in zombie like state then they lose any hair or masculinity whats so ever and there hair will in many times fall off or turn grey. The Female Xbox humpers however tend to search for and consume the male xbox humpers fallen off penis, it then will grow in a random spot on the females body ( sometimes even changing there sex ) after the penis is consumed the female becomes very hairy horny and often randomly cums out the newly gained penis every half hour or so. If the penis does not make this half hourly cum the female loses control of her body causing her to seizure on the floor, and eventually explode.


An Xbox Humper after a week of playing Halo, it is unknown which gender this Xbox Humper is.

edit Effects on the mind

Upon becoming a full xbox humper the brain has a craving for halo 1/2 and gears of war, they must play these games every 10 minutes ( unless otherwise informed by Bill Gates ) to grow stronger the mind is tricked into seizure during nocturnal times, the constant moving of the body makes the xbox humpers very strong, the xbox humpers are not aware of the seizures they encounter during sleep but tend to wake up very worn out. TE XBX HMPRS TIPE IKE TIS CUZ OF DA BR@!N STFF ND 3VN TLK IK3 TH!S SUM H0W LM@0 L0L WTF?!

edit Microsofts Future Plans with the Xbox humpers

Microsoft plans to equip the Xbox humpers with guns and weapons that resemble that of Halo and Gears of War, since Halo was just training for microsofts plan to take over the world. Bill Gates will soon command his army of Xbox Humpers to destroy the world.

edit Virus


edit Black Discs

The black discs are currently: Gears of war, Halo, and Halo 2. The black discs are discs that have a fraction of Bill Gates corrupted soul poured into the original copy. All other discs are copy's of these originals. The black discs slowly corrupt and remove the victims soul placing the soul into the disc. The souls are then transferred via xbox live to Bill Gates where he devours them. The original black discs are rumored to be hidden in Bill Gates dark kingdom ( Microsoft ) it is fabled that destroying the black discs will return the xbox humpers to normal.

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