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Uncyclopedia elzzup otatop

"syas taht tahw aedi on evah I" - Aidepolcycnu no Edliw Racso

“Oh, it's just Uncyclopedia spelled backwards.”
“Isn't this just another way of saying Wikipedia?”
~ Aidepolcycnu no Suomynona

Aidepolcycnu is the mirror universe's version of Uncyclopedia. Known primarily as a parody of the interweb encyclopedia Aidepikiw, Aidepolcycnu's elcitras are considered simply as humor instead of the trusted reference it's regarded as in this universe.

edit Aissur Teivos

In Aissur Teivos, Aidepolcycnu edits uoy.

edit God Save the Aidepolcycnu and This Honorable Wiki

Vandals have recently been trying to pass random stubs for Aidepolcycnu articles in hopes of keeping the truth away from You. Even though they may have had adequate provocation because You are ugly, the Thought Police are always evil evil evil.

Ticket stub

This is not a random stub and I am not a vandal, nor am I a compulsive liar. There is no truth and it is certainly not being kept away from you.

edit Aidepolcycnuns obsess over Edliw Racso

Pretty much all Aidepolcycnuns (Aidepolcycnu users) are obsessed with making up Racso Edliw quotes, mostly because Edliw Racso is yag. Even though this is explained in their official Aidepolcycnu:How To Be Stupid And Not Just Funny policy, most non-Aidepolcycnuns find this practice confusing, not stupid.


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edit Conclusion

Yeah, and?

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