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Scottish flag

The national flag of Scotland is the only national flag in the world which is officially designed and redesigned on MS Paint during the lunchbreaks of the Scottish Parliament. The current flag features two hill goatse peeing oil onto the grinning face of whoever is currently held responsible for all Scotland's oil getting sold off (etc etc etc). The figure currently blamed seems to be Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, although the blame can change daily depending on how many of the Scottish Parliament are actually at work that day, and how many are actually busying themselves with the affairs of the nation.¹ All flags are changed whenever the blame is changed. The top quarter of the flag features Mr. T, whom many Scots believe to be the true spiritual leader of the nation.

It is to be expected that the design seen above will not last long. Hint. Hint.

(1) mostly rearranging sheep, making anonymous phone calls, throwing things into canals, etc

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