The list of all-time worsts:

Real Life is seized on by UncyclopediansEdit

100 Charlie Hebdo.
A massacre in the editorial boardroom lets several Uncyclopedians finally write articles about a comedy magazine that do more than merely copy its own humor.
99 The British General Elections took place.
ScottPat project-manages an entire UnNews category, a new Second Front Page, and finally a summary article.
98 Likable and inevitable Democratic nominee avoids indictment.
Spike does a copycat treatment of Hillary Clinton (who already had her own category), leading to another Second Front Page and a feature of Hillary Clinton after Orion Blastar began to bring it up-to-date.
97 Uncyclopedia puts the grim in Grimsby.
The Grimsby Telegraph reports that Uncyclopedia has a "funny/offensive" article about the former home of the English fishing industry. Readers who aren't accusing the Telegraph of click-spam threaten to dump fish cakes outside Evil HQ. The effort stalls when the locals discover Uncyclopedia is run out of San Francisco. The story may have spurred Ali G (a-k-a Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat, etc.) to film The Brothers Grimsby, which portrays Grimsby even more grimly than Uncyclopedia did.
96 Spike's team, the Patriots, beats Sims' team, the Seahawks, in the Superbowl.
Nobody else cared. Speaking of nobody caring: While Americans are unanimous that Tom Brady is a cheater, the league is too busy litigating his nefarious "scheme," to follow through on its study of what the psi of footballs is now that they are minded better.

Real Life seizes UncyclopediansEdit

95 Simsilikesims gets married.
And becomes less active on the wiki in the months before and after the wedding, for some very odd reason.
94 Captain wanders onto the bridge.
EStop shows up from nowhere, starts writing UnNews articles, gets grammar and style help, and quickly develops a rhythm combining improbable mashes of news, hilarious caricatures, and Puns Gone Wild. Gets one of our fastest promotions to Admin (excluding the various past eras of joke promotions).
93 Admins try to convert their mates to Uncyclopedians.
Simsilikesims fails to convince her husband to spend his spare time writing for no pay for a satire wiki — Dealing with unhappy people all day long on the phone can have an adverse effect on one's sense of humor. EStop gets help from his wife on Harrogate and gets a whole UnNews out of his First Mate.

New looksEdit

92 Another UnNews re-skin.
UnNews gets a real masthead, using a background image contributed by ScottPat. On individual articles, the masthead takes the place of the traditional page title.
91 Better help.
Simsie and Spike polish up the tutorial for beginners to cover subjects from wikicoding to how pages work to coexisting with Admins. Expert3222 accepts the suggestion that he is the perfect Uncyclopedian to idiot-proof them.
90 Worse help.
Wikia continues, every time someone views an article with a video in it, re-uploading the video in a new, "faster-rendering" format, and creating a log entry crediting the person reading the article with doing the upload. This frightens several users.
89 You can glance again.
A venerable old overview of the site by numbers, Uncyclopedia:At A Glance, is refurbished and gotten to work again. Best of all, Spike rescinds "cascading protection," which put it and all the pages it referenced — including any page in any ballot — off-limits to Anons.
88 Chat is back! but....
Wikia announces they have written a "chat room" JavaScript extension to MediaWiki. Spike enables the feature, and Romartus even registers as a "chat sysop." Only, you have to de-select the Uncyclopedia skin, and there is never anyone there to chat with.
87 Spirits speak and frogs croak
Bureaucrat Romartus invokes the shades of Chronarion and Stillwaters in a secret Uncyclopedia ceremony involving the eyes of newts, frog toes, bat wool and lizard legs. He emerges from behind the cauldron to announce that Spike is now a bureaucrat and EStop an Admin. Other uncyclopedians request to examine the evidence of this manifestation and hunt for a footless frog.

Comings and goingsEdit

79 Admins emeriti can't stay away.
Admin Codeine checks back in and is so surprised there is anything left to the website that he is talked into judging a competition (and then another). Then legend-in-his-own-lunchtime Modusoperandi drives by in his outlaw leathers to present his run-down on the Mad Max car squad. Stays around to get featured and joins Codeine as a competition judge.
78 Un poquito de colaboración.
Inciclopedia Admin Argentoinciclope makes his way here (followed by Gil Culiao), several UnNewses make their way there, then Sebagomez brings McDonald's back to the USA, the resulting collaboration resulting in two articles that are different but both better than they ever had been.
77 Patrols from the Eastern Bloc.
The site has no regular "overnight" monitoring between Seattle and England when Australia doesn't check in. Then Expert3222 and several of his Polish Nonsensopedia pals like Runouw and Michał56 get involved and generally revert vandals before any of the regulars check in. Expert3222 becomes VFD Poopsmith and gets Uncyclopedian of the Month.
76 Welcoming Committee gets pitchforks.
Several presumably young new Uncyclopedians, also presumably from countries where English is a second language, including SIsexual intercourse, take it upon themselves to welcome (and revert) even newer Uncyclopedians, using a Bedside Manner that makes even Spike seem like a candy-striper.
75 Drama Queen enters second reign.
Veteran Drama Queen Miley Spears returns to the website, informs current staff of her reputation that precedes her, spends time humping her other projects and chafing about Wikia censorship, and storms away again after getting strip-searched by the automated Abuse Filter. It was nice while it lasted!
74 Article Whisperer shouts.
Another writing competition turns into another festival of trolling on the assumption that you can't ban me because it would skew the competition. Anton199, just after organizing the contest, begins a sabbatical. He returns to make things gentle on a rage-quitter, only to follow him out the door.
73 The car cruncher has a name change.
Wunderkid wiki wizard Frosty who recently survived a head on car crash (with his noggin) loses all his admin special powers when he can't log back in. Brings back temporary name Oblique to trade under when dropping by...the hunt continues.
72 Now you see him, now you don't.
Resident away-day Bureaucrat ChiefjusticeDS returns to mop a recent bout of vandalism. Promises to stay and then disappears again. Uncyclopedians believe it is another real life household emergency. New roof required?

The year in vandalismEdit

69 Various vandals returned....and were banned AGAIN under slightly different names.
The tutorial at Vandalism Is Pointless got more detailed and got illustrated.
68 Wikia embraces militant prior restraint.
In August, a vandal plants JavaScript on some Wikia wiki that phreaks people into typing in their passwords. In their best San Francisco gun-control finery, Wikia decides it can keep anything like this from happening again by just taking everyone's JavaScript away. Wikia would later embrace an uncomfortable compromise where authors merely need to submit their works for approval.
67 Ban evasion reaches new heights.
While permanently banned for total reformats of Featured Articles, importing works here from other websites against the authors' will, blowing off two Admins, and basically treating the site as a personal sandbox, EpicWinner evades a ban in a thoroughly novel way: by appealing for his one-time-only user name change, to Abacab333, which Wikia grants, though later sheepishly suggesting they might check a user's status before making such a move again.
66 One bad apple...
A vandal of our long acquaintance uses sleeper accounts old enough to grow Move buttons (and probably registered on other Wikia wikis) to conduct several-times-weekly page-move sprees. Admins restrict page move to Admins and Rollbackers only, PuppyOnTheRadio writing the RFM page on which to request page moves. This leads to exactly zero requests by RFM, and a whole lot of move-by-copypasting.

What could go wrong?Edit

59 Big user name database merge.
Wikia merges the database of names of Uncyclopedians with names of editors of other Wikia wikis. There are absolutely no unanticipated side effects, and the dozens of users who could no longer log in under either name will hardly be missed. Duplicate names were unilaterally changed, and claiming you are some other guy, while having no way to prove it, is a fine use of the evening. Spike had asked about getting rid of the barrier, months earlier, and Wikia replied that there would be huge technological problems. It turns out they were right.
58 Preferences by coin-flip.
One of the nonexistent side-effects is that Wikia randomizes our preferences several times per week. As well as abrupt changes of skin, this playtime spams several users who had checked to never, never send them email, a notorious exception to Wikia's generally good protection of our privacy.

More minor kerfluffles with our webhostEdit

49 Chronic drama with Wikia recedes.
Except for minor issues like changing all our usernames and disabling logins for days and JavaScript forever, historical disagreements with Wikia, such as porno and the notorious Content Warning, disappear. Wikia staff sometimes come in at night, tear a hole in an article where a nipple was showing, and leave. Romartus usually restores the photo; if he posts an explanation for his actions, they do it again.
48 Burying the hatchet.
Like evangelical Ben Carson after Donald Trump called him a pedophile, Uncyclopedia Admins turn the cheek without mooning anyone, revert years of defiance, and welcome VSTF back to assist on the vandal patrols, provided they never, ever do anything resembling levity.

You really expected one hundred?Edit

The joke is on you.