Worst 100 Reflections on 2014

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99 April Fools Jokes
98 Firefox extensions
97 Foods
96 Gifts to give a friend
95 Harry Potter Spin-offs
94 Inventions
93 Locations
92 LOL Cats
91 Make Out Songs
90 Moments to get a Boner
89 Moments to Laugh
88 Money Making Schemes
87 Movies
86 Nonexistent Words
85 Not In The Least Bit Sexual Things To Do With No Pants On
84 Nutty Conspiracy Theories
83 Overused Star Trek Episode Plots
82 Pick-up lines
81 Pokemon Cash-Ins
79 Things we learn from movies
78 Reasons to become a Christian
77 Reflections on 2005
76 Reflections on 2006
75 Reflections on 2007
74 Reflections on 2008
73 Reflections on 2009
72 Reflections on 2010
71 Reflections on 2011
70 Reflections on 2012
69 Reflections on 2013
68 Reflections on 2014
67 Rejected Harry Potter Novels
66 Remakes
65 Restaurants
64 Self Help Books
63 Sequels
62 Sexual Perversions
61 Short Poems
60 Sitcom Catchphrases
59 Songs
58 Songs about Seagulling
57 Songs Referencing Paedophilia
56 Songs To Have Sex To
55 Songs To Play At A Funeral
54 Spinoffs
53 Superheroes
52 Things About the '00s
51 Things Rick Astley is Never Gonna Do
50 Things to do during Christmas
49 Things to Put In An IV
48 Things To Say In Court
47 Things to Say in the Workplace
46 Things to say on a First Date
45 Toys
44 TV Programs
43 Uncyclopedia In-Jokes
42 Video Games of all time‎
41 Video Game Movies
40 Video Game Systems
39 Ways To Be Castrated
38 Ways to be Circumcized
37 Ways to Deliver Bad News
36 Ways to Die (Best)
35 Ways to Die (Worst)
34 Ways to Kill Sarah Connor
33 Ways to Start a Novel
32 Ways to Win an Argument
31 Weapons
30 Rock Bands
100 Mordillo shows up
Joke bans ChiefjusticeDS, then disappears again.
99 Simsilikesims' home team, the Seahawks, win the Superbowl for the first time in history, by a large margin.
Since she was working, she didn't get to watch any of it.
98 The revert war and arguments on the talk page of the Uncyclopedia article on Wikipedia continue.
A Wikipedia editor argues that Uncyclopedia is an unreliable source of information on itself.[citation needed]
97 Simsilikesims begins writing the 2014 list before the 2013 list is complete.
Hopes somebody else will finish it for her.
96 ChiefjusticeDS shows up
Remarkably undamaged by the paint-stripping.
95 New Users Log comes back, then leaves again.
Or maybe it is a small of amount of newcomers?
94 Thumbnails are broken.
Administrators accuse Wikia. Wikia accuses thumbnails.
93 An IP editor is blocked for pasting the contents of his favourite Uncyclopedia article onto his talk page.
How careless of him/her!
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