World War I (video game)

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*ArchDuke has entered the game*

ArchDuke: Hey guyz

German_Emp: sup

*SERBIA_ROLLZ has killed ArchDuke!*


German_Emp: u r ghey Serbia

*SERBIA_ROLLZ has left the game*

ArchDuke: Thiz sux, Im leaving

*ArchDuke has left the game*
*Aus_HuNg has entered the game*

Aus_HuNg: hey serbia

serbian-guy: wut

Aus_HuNg: im putting an ultimatum on ur azz

serbian-guy: shyt

German_Emp: me 2

TsarNick: hey serbia i'll help u

serbian-guy: thx

German_Emp: STFU nick

German_Emp: im goin after u

*Franc3 has entered the game*

German_Emp: Im goin after u 2 Franc3

Franc3: WTF did I do?

German_Emp: u no

German_Emp: haha i just took belgium

UK: o no u didnt

UK: u suk

UK: Oi, C4nuck

*C4nuck has entered the game*

C4nuck: ?

UK: help plz

C4nuck: k

German_Emp: i will h4xor u c4nuck!

C4nuck: i just vimmied ur azz bitch!

Aus_HuNg: nick u suk im gonna kill u

TsarNick: UK! help

UK: f.u. Aus, u suk

Franc3: ill help UK

TsarNick: did ne1 ask u?

*Otto_D_Man: has entered the game*

Otto_D_Man:: hey guyz wuts up

Aus_HuNg: sebia wuz camping

Aus_HuNg: killed franz

Otto_D_Man:: haha serbiaz ghey

Otto_D_Man:: ill help

TsarNick: o come on Otto_D_Man:

TsarNick: i h8 u

UK: so do i

Franc3: me 2

TsarNick: Franc3, NO 1 CARES WUT U SAY

German_Emp: d00d thiz gameplay sux

UK: i kno

UK: trench warfare iz ghey

Franc3: just wait til the tank patch comez out

German_Emp: yeah right

German_Emp: thatll be bettr

German_Emp: *rolls eyes*

*ITALY has entered the game*


ITALY: *wink*

UK: haha, hey

Aus_HuNg: WTF is ITALY doing here?

ITALY: delcaring war on u, n00b

Franc3: hahahaha

German_Emp: hell, while were at it

German_Emp: i declare war on portugal

Aus_HuNg: shyt, why not?

*BulGARia has entered the game*

BulGARia: hey guyz

Aus_HuNg: sup

German_Emp: yo

*BulGARia has killed serbian-guy*

serbian-guy: fvcking h4x

*serbian-guy has left the game*
*R0m4n1a has entered the game*

R0m4n1a: wuts up guyz, can I still play?

UK: sure

UK: be on my team

R0m4n1a: ok

German_Emp: hey mexico

German_Emp: hey

*mexicool is no longer idle*

mexicool: what?

German_Emp: wanna declare war on USA?

mexicool: fuk no

UK: dude ever heard of PMs?

C4nuck: haha, dumshit

German_Emp: oh shyt

*USA has entered the game*

USA: German_Emp, ur azz is mine

German_Emp: shyt shyt shyt

Franc3: hahaha

UK: lol

*Greece has entered the game*
*Rep_of_CHiNa has entered the game*
*Portugal! has entered the game*

USA: whuts with all these n00bs?

UK: I dunno

Franc3: o well, at least they're w/ us

TsarNick: ur still here?

Aus_HuNg: USA, UR teh n00b

USA: stfu

USA: ur next

*RUSSIAN_troop has been killed*
*RUSSIAN_troop has been killed*
*RUSSIAN_troop has been killed*
*RUSSIAN_troop has been killed*

TsarNick: aw shyt

TsarNick: im outta here

*TsarNick has left the game*

German_Emp: this sux

German_Emp: i coulda been playing Halo 2

German_Emp: let's end this

USA: ok


USA: u guyz lose tho

Aus_HuNg: i dont even care anymore

*Aus_HuNg has left the game*

German_Emp: Tht sux0r3d

Franc3: yeah

German_Emp: i hav liek a depression now


Franc3: STFU i hav 1 to

German_Emp: good thing this will nvr happen again!

Franc3: yeah, def.

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