The Original World War IIIEdit

One of the minor conflicts in future human history. Not much is known about this small West Asian war as most documents don't exist to never have a video game about it. What is known is that Kazakhstan's refusal to succeed to Kim Jong Un's greater plan of killing the US caused Kim, under the guidance of Alex Jones, to begin a mass invasion of the large Middle Eastern country.

WW3 belum lagi berlaku, bodoh! Awak bodoh!

More of the WarEdit

When the war began to affect the export of Kazakh sauce, many nations once neutral to the war began to join the side of Kazakhstan which resulted in Pro Intersection of Sections Surfing or PISS. This force consisting of Germany, Chile, and the super power of Vanuatu was able to defeat Alex Jones’ Communist superhuman species and return balance to the force. Jones however soon devised a plan in which he was to send Kim back to the extreme future to witness the Fall of Napoleon in order to re-fight WW3 and win. This resulted in both the birth of Karl Marx 2.0 and in the spread of the war to many other countries that weren't going to PISS.


After Kim won the war, he invented the Atari (pronounced A-ta-reee) and video games.

There was also Siri, spying on citizens of the first world. It would also be developed however it would remain inactive until the development of such activity in 2033.

The Western VictoryEdit

North Korea and Chyna were eventually defeated by NATO;

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