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edit Construction


This is the appearance of the entrance to the Low Budget Inn

Construction of the William Shatner Retirement Home was started in February 1900 and finished in April 1901. It was originally named the Low Budget Inn, but nicknamed by the workers who worked on it "The asscrack inn" due to how the entrance looked like an asscrack. The Inn was stationed off Highway 1 in Toronto, Ontario.

edit Stuff that happened next

The Low Budget Inn went bankrupt a year later because of a scandal involving them offering a blowjob on their Room Service. In 1903, Satan moved to Toronto. With only $2, he offered to buy the Low Budget inn and the previous owners glady accepted. Satan then hired demons to possess the people suing the inn, and then had them run off high buildings. This solved the majority of money problems plaguing the inn at the time. Satan then turned the place into a steakhouse and renamed it Satan's bar and Grill. It was renovated in to match the Yee Olde Times theme but the asscrack entrance was not removed for Quote:"humorous reasons".


One of Hitler's early Ads for his restruant

edit 1930s-1940s

Satan brought a place in America called Helli and moved out, giving the Restruant to Adolf Hitler, his son. Hilter immediately began to rerenovate the place, putting put large swastikas over the place and renaming it Adolf Hitler's gas and grill. The sales shot up like a flying bionic hamster. In 1937, Hitler went off to wage war against jews so he left the first person he could find (A loyal customer named Oscar Wilde who had went to the bar for a beer after an argument with Uncyclopedians about copyright infringment). Unfortunately, Oscar Wilde didn't have any experience on operating small restruants, and as a result only said lots of pointless quotes when asked what to do and the bar went bankrupt the next year despite all the jew gold Hitler sent back from Germany. In 1945, after Hilter lost his war thingy, the HSBC came to reposess Hitler's gas and grill, and turned it into the Retirement Home for Groovy Hippies. The asscrack entrance was still not removed.


Hitler and his favourite cat in front of his restruant

edit 1960s - Present

Retirement Home for Groovy Hippies was the prison of Saddam Hussein for 2 years from 1961 to 1963 during the Battle of Canada. The place was renamed The William Shatner Retirement home in 2000 in honor of the great creator of Star Trek, William Shatner. Today, it is still a retirement home and a vacation hotspot for nerds I mean Star trek Fans.

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