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“I want to ride a wild ass.”
~ George W. Bush, Sr. on Special People
“It really feels good to give them a nice spankin, especially right after...!”
~ The Former President of Portugal
“Would you like to ride your own ass?”
~ Advertisement on Highway 57 by the ADS (America's Donkey Riding Service)

A wild ass from the US state of Hoobitchyacokoff

Also known as the onager, the wild ass is a form of freerange mule, which is usually tamed, unless it was dominated by George W. Bush Senior. Many onager activists believe that cross breeding two animals is a sin, and so stick an ionized spatula up any in-sight onager's anus. The Wild Ass™ is also a cult designated to freeing donkeys and horses to make them pro-create (thus giving bearth to mules) at secret sun-oriented cenermonies.

edit Sub Cults

As mentioned above, the The Wild Ass™ is a force of freedome fighters, devoted to the freedome of donkeys and horses. Althoug they have often enough been mistaken for an anal fungirl sex spot. Sometimes there have been sightings of their USERP (unrated slapstick erective riding practice) ceremonies.

edit History

This divinely exquisit creature was said to be the creator of everything, and nothing at all. Though this was disporved by a Yiddish scientist from Iran, and the true creator was discovered Operah Winfrey, who, once she had become the unuestioned master of the solar system, travelled back in time and created the universe, even though...(censored by the Un-United Operah Imperium). After the great leader died, the Onagers managed to overthrow her predecessors and re-instate order throughout the galaxy, and updatev the old virus defenition files and the many synonims for the second most valued organ in the univers...the penis. A list of these numerous synonyms:

-'Free Willy'
-'Sausice' (FRENCH)
-'Little Friend'
-'Helmet Head'
-'Old Man'

Another important list re-written by the very sentient being which is a cross between a horse and a donkey is the list of synonims for the male testicles:

-'Christmas Bells'
-'Bowling Balls' (IN SOME CASES)
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