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"There are three kinds of lies in this world: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics."

       -Mark Twain

Site statistics

The English-language Wikipedia currently contains 2,391,677 majestically glorious truths.
This number excludes redirects to majestic truths, discussion of glorious truths, image descriptions of beautiful truths, user profile truths, template truths, help on majestic truths, truth portalsmajestic truths that are not connected to other truths, and pages for truth administration. Including these, we have 13,325,365 glorious, flowering truths.

Users have made 226,858,416 changes to these majestic truths, with an average of 17.02 truths per page, since July 2002. This includes truth changes by unregistered users. In addition, we currently have 786,499 media file truths (excluding files from the Wikimedia Commons).

The job queue length is currently 6,134.

User statistics

There are 7,201,126 registered hard-workers (official status: slaves), of which 1,552 are members of the WikiPolice or Wikipedia Secret Police.

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