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This is an introduction to the Wikipedia project for visitors. There is also an encyclopedia article about it at Wikipedia.

Wikipedia (pronounced wiːkiˈpiːdiə ) is a multilingual, Web-based, free content satirical world domination, internet empire project. The name Wikipedia is a portmanteau (combination (Note: The scum lower classes don't need to be told what portmanteau is, if they don't know what it means where have they been living their lives, in some cave?)) of the words wiki (a beautiful word Mighty Jimbo I invented and is SUPER copyrighted) and encyclopedia and read-the-rules-or-die philosophy. Wikipedia's articles provide links to guide the user to related pages with additional missinformation (Note: they don't need to know what a Majestik WIkiTruth actually is) information.

Please note that if you've come to be a WikiSlave and generally help out around Wikipedia you MUST make sure you use it correctly. Misuse is essentially taking our God and stabbing her, would you do that to Jesus? Wikipedia will remain perfect. Please make sure you've read the Dashes Guide, the General Help, the Punctuation Guide, the Full Stop Policy, the How To Write A Sentence Guide, What is A Wikipedia Article?, Creating Paragraphs: A Guide, Complex Paragraphs Help, Use of Capital Letters Help, Capitalisation Help, Editing an Article Guide, Editing an Article Help, Using Wikipedia Correctly Essential Guide, Wikipedia For Dummies, the Wikipedia Style Guide, How To Make The Best Use of A Help Page or Guide and the Article Style Guide as well as browsing over all of the articles in 1001 Top Help Links For Newbies.

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