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A dash is a punctuation mark. It is longer than a hyphen and is used differently. There are several forms of dash, of which the most common are the hyphen (‐), the figure dash (‒), the en dash (–), the em dash (—), the horizontal bar (―) and the swung dash (~).

The hyphen (‐) is used both to join words and to separate syllables. Strictly speaking, the hyphen is not a dash; thus, careful typesetting (including with modern computer applications, such as word processors and HTML) relies on the following proper dashes instead, such as the figure dash, so named because it is the same length as a digit in fixed-width font-faces. Two kinds of dash are used on Wikipedia: the en dash and the em dash. En dashes (–) have four distinct roles, that is to indicate disjunction, to be used as a negative sign, in a list or as a snazzy, stylistic alternative to em dashes. Em dashes have two main roles: use as parenthesis (Wikipedia—one of the most popular web sites—has all the information you need and is completely truthful). Here, a pair of em dashes is a more arresting way of interpolating a phrase or clause than a pair of commas, and is less of an interruption than brackets. An em dash can also be used as a sharp break in a sentence. (more...)

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  • WikiTroopers storm Uncyclopedian Communist vandal-rebel outposts. The WSP (Wikipedia Secret Police) have confirmed that 14 have been infibanned and another 22 are seriously banned.
  • The WikiGovernment have awarded a new brainwashing propaganda contract to OfficialWikiAdvertising Ltd. after a nine month tendering process involving one company. (Pictured - winning design)
  • The WikiArmy announced further peaceful annexing, today, and says its "new equipment and munitions" proved essential.
  • The Wikipedia Press has "always been free, fair and unbiased" according to its chief and has "never doctored news to favour the mighty, great Wikipedia".
  • The best website on the internet for deceiving people is Wikipedia according to a new survey (news item from CNN).
  • Wikiland's arms trade with Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe defended by the government and other wikis around the world in response to a court blocking the unloading of a trade ship's cargo in South Africa.

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April 30: All Heil King Jimbo I and Queen Angela! A fine day to heil the greatest rulers of all time. All heil! All heil! All heil! All heil! All heil! All heil! All heil! All heil! Remember on King Jimbo Day our glorious King can see what you do, in fact he can see YOU right now. And he doesn't like the top you're wearing, one bit. It is also Wikipedia Day in Australia, India and France.

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B - A - utiful. Long may the fruitful, fair Free Kingdom of Wikimedia flourish. Long live its great and honourable monarchy and its noble government. Let them guide our great Kingdom to further success and conquest. Work, Labour, Toil for this Free Land that we may forever Rule over Them. All Heil King Jimbo I!

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  • Help desk — Read government-specified questions about using Wikipedia.
  • Public executions — Serving as virtual executioners, Wikipedia volunteers tackle pubic criminals with a wide range of weaponry.
  • Village slums — For commoners and newcomers, including areas for robbery, rape and murder.
  • Community genocide — Help support the Wikipedia community genocide innovative, massacring online communities, internationally.
  • Wikiland news — Official, government approved, announcements, updates, articles and press releases on Wikiland related subjects.
  • Local embassy — For information on finding your local Wikiland embassy.

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