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Wikipedia Chase!

Wikipedia Chase! Logo.

Developer(s) Nicholas W. and Stefano M. (And Possibly This Guy)
Publisher(s) Nintendo [Wii Version Only] / Self-Published
Release date(s) 20/10/08
Genre(s) Free Roam/Storymode based [Wii version Only]. / Online Multiplayer Adventure [Pc version only]
Rating(s) M.C.I. 7+ (May Contain Images that will mess with your head.)
Platform(s) PC and Nintendo Wii
System Requirements A few computers near each other, and the internet on each.
Input Keyboard and Mouse. (Wii remote for Nintendo Wii version)
“Finnaly, a game at school that will never be blocked!”
~ A Hardcore WikiChaser! on Wikipedia Chase!

"Wikipedia Chase!” (also known as WikiChase!) is a new online game (And Now On Nintendo Wii) created by a few kids from Australia/South Australia/Adelaide. The game was created as something they wanted to do because they were bored... the world never expected it to become this big!

The creators claim that creating this game took no effort at all and took about 10 minutes of boredom to think up of such an idea. The game is great, it makes you look like your just researching on Wikipedia but little do your teachers know; you're playing the greatest online game of all!

There have been reports that even teachers have had ago on WikiChase! and have enjoyed their time playing it. They have reported that it's very educational, as the articles that you visit are real articles just like on Wikipedia, they also claim that this is a very smart cover up to make it look like you're doing school work.

This new online game was a quick hit around schools all over Australia, it spread around as fast as a disease in Asia. Many kids around the world have started to take notice of WikiChase! and have even started to build a statue of the creator Nicholas W. to raise money for charity. Which charity, you ask?... who cares! it's making money!

The idea came to the creators while they were at school browsing Wikipedia, clicking random Wordlinks and clicking the random article button many, many times. They decided to have a race to see who could find a certain article using only the Wordlinks. The idea came to them to create an awesome online game that everyone would have fun playing (even parents and teachers!). They thought that creating it exactly to look like Wikipedia would be useful as you could pretend to do school work and never be caught. It is also very educational (and fun!) and great for the whole family to play at home. It took only a few minutes to create the official website and they got it up and running within a few hours, as many servers/hosts turned them down as they thought that this game would go nowhere (how wrong were they!). Many of the servers/hosts are kicking them selves in the balls, and begging for the online game to be transferred for them to host; some are even offering to host for free.

WikiChase! has had so far, two competitions that were located in Australia and China on 27th October 2008. The competitions were a huge success with more than 100 competitors in Australia and 200 in china. There was a massive crowd of people in the audience with 30,000 people in Australia and almost 100,000 in China turning up to the studios to watch this massive event.

“We had nothing better to do...”
~ (Creator of WikiChase!) Nicholas W. on Wikipedia Chase!
“We had lots of school work due... but we decided to have fun instead.”
~ (Co-Creator of WikiChase!) Stefano M. on Wikipedia Chase!
“Shut up!”
~ (Creator of WikiChase!) Nicholas W. on Above quote

edit WikiChase! Australian Championship


The 2008 WikiChase! Australian Championship. The computers were upgraded to show the wiki-page 'Coming out at you' to give the competitors a challange.

Australia Recently Hosted the 'Wikipedia Chase! Championship 08' and it turned out to be a huge success with 106 competitors; there were almost 10,000 people wanting to enter the competition, but due to lack of space and computers, almost all were turned down. The competitors were picked out randomly like a 'name in a hat' situation. The competition ran all day to a total of 10 hours 23 minutes and 57 seconds, non-stop Wiki action.

Only the best turned out victorious, with Michael Nolife winning the competition with 1370 Articles found first. His reward for wasting a straight 10 hours of his life was $15,000 in cash and a free “WikiChase! Wii version” video game. But all did not go well as planned, as Michael was seen jumping and spinning around the stage after the heroic win. He danced and danced until finally he tripped upon what seemed to be a banana peal, hit his head through two computer screens, got up (whilst still having the computer screens on his head), smashed into a few walls, hit the water cooler, which then water went all over him causing an electric shock, fell into a bookcase which feel on top of him, while finally he gave up with a few twitches, until no life was left inside Michael.

Michael’s tragic death was seen by thousands of people, who all then complained about the gruesomeness of the competition, and wanted the creators held responsible. Unfortunately the creators could not be reached due to the fact that they never released their last name to the public and due to the size of Australia, the chances of finding two people are like finding two needles in a haystack that’s 10000 X 10000 X ??0000 square meters in size.

edit Current Championship Standings (Australia)

Leader Board
Name Score
Michael Nolife (Post-humorously) 1370
James Iplaywowallday 1269
Oscar Wilde 1029
Lanal Hardcore 870
Flancunt E. Diloser 669
That Guy 478
(The Rest) <400

edit WikiChase! China Championship


The 2008 WikiChase! China Championship. The computers were also upgraded to show the wiki-page 'Coming out at you'.

China Recently Hosted the 'Wiki zhuīzhú jĭnbiāo sài 08' and it went overly successful. The studio was overcrowded, which ended with people sitting on each others lap. 101,369 people turned up to watch the event in China, earning the studio that hosted the games two million dollers that night alone.

yú bèn māo Came out victorious after 20 hours of non-stop wiki action. Unfortunately he fell into a coma after receiveing his reward of ¥950,962,000 (Yen) and five 3-story houses. No one knows whether he fell into the coma due to the prizes he won, or because he didn't move from the computer screen for 20 hours straight without food or drink.

yú bèn māo falling into a coma was seen by everyone in the studio. All the audience members cheered and were wanting more. People were heard screaming out (Roughly translated) "Make him bleed" and "MORE GRUESOME NEEDED".

edit Current Championship Standings (China)

Leader Board
Name Score
yú bèn māo 3280
yúchŭn de jiăozhà 3269
zhòu mà chūn 2998
Robert Steven 2504
chūn xiǎo chǒu 1991
dǎ sǐ rén xìng 1100
(The Rest) <1000

edit History/Triumph

The game started out as a small 'Time-passer' when the creators were bored at school. They played it constantly, and people that walked by saw them playing it wanted to join in. People started to talk about the game to their friends and asked the creators how to play it, and could they teach them. Soon after it spread all around Adelaide in South Australia. All kids around Schools started to play this game. Soon after it spread to another school, then another school, then schools all around Australia. The creators are hoping it will spread all around the world, and hopefully get paid for doing so. They have had many companies wanting to buy rights to the game, but they chose Nintendo only because it was willing to pay double whatever anyone else was paying. They made a wise choice in selling it to them, as the creators get 50% of the profits, and now they are 'swimming in their cash' thanks to the new Wii Version of the game.

edit How to play

First of all, you need at least 3 willing people to play the game with you. (One judge and two or more players.)


Secondly, everyone that is willing to play the game, goes to the official site located at www.wikipediachase!.org and click your preferred language, and it should come up with the main page (It may look like the unfamous Wikipedia site, but it's the doorway to the most popular game played throughout Australia, and maybe soon; the whole world!) (Note: It's probably best to have everyone’s computer near the judge’s computer so the judge can monitor what everyone is doing.)

Thirdly, you have the judge click on the 'Random Article' button (located to the left of the screen) (Note: make sure all the players stay on the main page.)

Fourthly, wait for the page to load (once it's loaded everyone may start the game.) Whatever page comes up is the page that everyone has to get upon their screen, whoever gets the page up first wins! BUT there is a trick to this game: you can't use the search box or any other links. You can only use the Wordlinks that are on the page you are viewing at the time. For example: "Thisisawordlink"... only they may be clicked to advance.

Whoever gets to that certain page first gets one point and the game starts again. Everyone has to click back to the main page (Or to make things harder, you can have everyone start from the page they are on at the moment) and the judge clicks the 'Random Article' button again.

edit Rules of the Game

Wikipedia Chase! has a few rules that need to be covered:

  • 1. You are not allowed to use the search box. (The search box is there to tempt you into cheating and thus making you lose the game.)
  • 2. You are not allowed to use the ‘portal’ section that is located at the main page which allows you to see every single page and cheat. (It’s there to tempt you)
  • 3. The ‘Random article’ button is to only be used by the judge so he/she can pick the page that everyone has to go to.
  • 4. All the other buttons and stuff are not to be used. (It’s there to make it look like your browsing Wikipedia, thus making this game perfect for school use.)
  • 5. Have Fun! Yes that’s right, have fun or you lose the round.

edit WikiChase! On Nintendo Wii!

The rights to the game has now been bought by Nintendo (Which is shit, but hey, it's free money!), and have used it to create a 'Nintendo Wii game'. The game has a single player adventure/story mode which allows the player to help the creators in their journey to spread the word around about WikiChase!. Players have the choice of playing one of the creators, and many more characters, to explore the WikiChase! world.


Wikipedia Chase! on the Nintendo Wii.

The Story mode consists of the players spreading the word by travelling to other states around Australia and playing the game at local schools. Once the player fulfils Australia and earns enough money, then they may advance around the world to countries of their choice. Note: Multiplayer Story mode can also be played over the internet using the Wii.

The game play is mainly free roam, so players may stop the main story whenever they like and explore whole of Australia, and even the whole world! Every single place in real life is included in the world of WikiChase!, in every spot they should be, and even famous people are seen around now and again (and you have the chance to kill them if you want!). Guns and weapons may be bought only if you travel to the USA, or order them over E-Bay. All real life situations occur; such as household bills (when you decide to move out of your parents house), getting jobs to earn cash (But only if you are not making enough money with the in-game WikiChase!), you have to eat, drink and do all normal human actions just like in real life, even start to age through real life time (one hour in game is one hour in real life.)

The game is open-ended, so the game never really ends, thus creating endless hours of play!.

GTA + Sims = WikiChase! (Wii Version)

edit Main Characters

  • Nicholas W. [Can earn more money when playing WikiChase! on the in-game internet.
  • Stefano M. [Gets a bonus in people playing the in-game WikiChase! when travelling to Italy.]
  • Kiel G. [Useless Character]
  • Travis E. [This guy is Hardcore. His power is able to choke people to death and then scream at them.]
  • Amber H. [She can kill people by just looking at them. She is crazy and can turn into a wolf at own will.]
  • Daniel Du. [Daniel is the only character that can participate in sport related Careers. Daniel's power also includes 'speed-clicking' which allows faster access around the in-game WikiChase, thus earning more money more quickly.]
  • Oscar Wilde [Owns everything in the game Note: This creates Auto win of the game]
  • The Devil [Start the game in hell, bring souls down and force them to play Wikipedia Chase!]
  • Hitler [Can go on killing rampages(Exterminations) without getting police called on you]

edit Unlockable Characters

  • Santa [Unlocks Sled to fly around in]
  • Jesus [Has power to fly]
  • Emo Hitler [Has power to make people sad... then exterminate them.]
  • Chuck Norris Note: completely impossible to unlock; must own every single business in the world, must also have every single weapon and character in the game. Chuck is the ultimate character and can fly at his own will, and your roundhouse kick attack can destroy buildings.

edit Official Reviews

“This game kicks Microsoft in the balls and watches it die”
~ Bill Gates on Wikipedia Chase!

An Official review done by PC PowerPlay was sent to the creators praising them for a job well done.

“Wikipedia chase is a great game and i recommend it for all of you kids struggling to find unblocked games at school
~ David from PC PowerPlay on Wikipedia Chase!

The Review explained a bit about the game and detailed instructions on how to play it (as it can be confusing at times).

The Review mostly praised how much it looked like Wikipedia and how kids playing the game at school wouldn't be caught 'playing a game during school hours', and how unique the game is compared with other online games on the internet.

PC PowerPlay also talks about its unique features, fun game play and even a forum where users can talk about the game.

PC PowerPlay also talks about their strategy guide that they have created, which shows all the loopholes to the game, quick ways to find the pages you want and also a few cheats.

'Ultimate Games' Also did a review, but on the Wii version of the game. Inside the review, it mentioned how the game was the best game in the world that they have played. They gave 100 thumbs up for the real life simulation style of game play. They never believed that such a game could or would ever exist. They are surprised anyone even attempted to create the best online game on a console and have had such a success. The review also mentioned how quickly the game was created: in only 1 year!, and praise the creators and wish the creators luck with future games, and hope they could be the first to play their new games.

“This Kicks Sims in the ass so hard they can taste it in their mouth!”
~ Geff from 'Ultimate Games' on Wikipedia Chase!

Unfortunately we were not allowed to post up the review or any links towards these reviews, as that was the deal.

edit Official Website

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