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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Satan, or George W. Bush? How about Cats?

An artists impression WikiHell showing Jimbo Wales

WikiHell: is a realm full of sometimes humorous but mostly tedious and tiring wikipedia pages which have been deemed by a higher being known as an Admin to be in breach of the Wikipedia standards. These pages are frequently viewed as act of Wikiterrorism perpetrated by sufferers of Wikipoleonic Complex and other assorted sociopathic traits.

Should the article in question (most commonly created by a Noob) be found to be in violation of these standards its punishment is decided by the WikiDevil whenever he can be bothered. Until this time the article is lost in a place called limbo where articles must constantly get shorter and shorter in order to avoid being split and remade into two separate articles.

Punishment for articles is strange and unusual often consisting of various forms of torture and overeating. It has never been found out how the devil comes to a decision regarding punishment though it has been theorised that a magic 8 ball and three fish involved.

edit History

edit Creation

“Hello. *Ahem*. It has come to my attention that some people object to the creation of this place. I

have good reason to create WikiHell. There are certain people who need to be taught a lesson.”
~ Jimbo Wales on The creation of WikiHell

After several attempts to make the prefect son through the method of transplanting his own semen into the womb of passing by Goths impregnating her Jimbo Wales gave up. All previously born children were stored in a undisclosed location while Jimbo decided how he should proceed. Jimbo returned from a relaxing spa visit (what a poof) to find that one child had eaten all the others. Jimbo was so ashamed publicly but happy privately that he created the position of Worst Irresponsible Kid Intoxicating Demon Every Villain Instantly Loves (WikiDevil) within his organisation. After the child consumed his mothers favourite article and her soul his job description was decided. Clive the WikiDevil was stripped of his name and given rule of the realm of WikiHell a subdevision of Hell in the year 2000 due to the close relationship between Jimbo Wales and Satan with a goal of punishing, violating and penetrating articles from Wikipedia that Jimbo wasn't too keen on.

edit The WikiDevil

The WikiDevil
Devil baby|
Nationality: English
Term of office: 2000 – Present
Preceded by: The order of the Admin
Succeeded by: Myley Cyrus
Date of birth: 01/01/2000
Political party: Nazi

The WikiDevil was selected by Jimbo Wales to monitor the incoming Wiki articles and ignore them as they fall into the fiery flaming flames.

The WikiDevil has minimal hair, a lack of teeth is 5 foot 4 and has the ability to do back flips through hoops while whistling "The Star-Spangled Banner" but he just doesn't want to right now. The WikiDevil can edit any article and creators soul without the use of the internet or a computer.

edit Early years

In the early years of WikiHell it was a baron place populated only by the WikiDevil due to wiki peace and a wiki tolerance of all things wiki. WikiHell came into it's own with the addition of LOLcats to Wikipedia where a new age of constant pages for each LOLcat were created and banished.

After two years of struggle for the Admins a compromise was met, the representatives of the internet met and it was decided that one page shall hold all LOLcat information for wiki; LOLcat

This pleased the WikiDevil as it gave him more time to work on his embroidery and reduce his blood pressure. Wiki peace was not to be seen in this realm for another millennia going by the predictions of Doc Brown.

edit Teen Years

Emo Devil

Photo by Doc Brown

From Doc Browns prediction 2014 - 2018 will be troubled years where the WikiDevil will become rebellious and start wearing a lot of black, WikiHell will also be painted black to represent the WikiDevils "dark heart so full of pain" and any pages related to happy thoughts will be dragged from Wikipedia.

In 2018 the WikiDevil will branch out "keeping his options open" and stride towards higher education, in reality he will ultimately pass a course in geography (2022) but be let with large life lessons (mostly in how to down a keg). WikiHell will become "Party central" and only "cool" ages will be dragged to its fiery depths.

edit Adult Years


Doc Brown caught in a promotional photo for WikiHell

From 2022 WikiHell will become a highly efficient but ultimately unhappy place reflecting the WikiDevils career in geographical studies. All articles to pass in to WikiHell will need approval from a panel of "average Joes" to make sure it is best suited to its designated area.

The WikiDevil will continue to serve as CEO of WikiHell for "a very long time" because he can’t get a job anywhere else.

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