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“Fuck! I'm still stuck on Level 3. Can't you send me a Hint, ya fucken noobs?”
~ Oscar Wilde on Wii-kipedia

“ In Soviet Russia, Wii-kipedia plays with you!”

Wii-kipedia is a Wikipedia-based video game released for the Nintendo Wii console. It was created in collaboration with the efforts of great thinkers such as Bill Gates, George Romero and Stephen Hawking(See also "Disagreements").

Wiikipedia copy

Some of the characters from previous video games are now availbable here, but new powers and skills have been added to them

edit The Plot

The Game, which operates as a SIM, is about creating new articles that don't make sense and post them quick before the evil moderators delete it. These moderators sometimes hunt you down and can take all of your lives. You have to create a minimun of 80 articles and then go to the Microsoft building and blow the sucker down. There is also a Bonus Level in which you Hack the dictionary.reference.com website and upload porn images on the page. If you manage to do this before the Crazy-geek-with-a-shotgun blows your head off, you win 200 points.

edit The Controllers

You use both controllers. The one on your right hand (If you're looking at me, it would be the hand that's facing my left hand. Then again, if my back is facing you, then it would be the hand that's facing my right hand) is used to move the mouse. The one on your left hand (Read the previous explanation, but invert the right with left) is used to type on the keyboard. This can be really challenging considering that the keyboard on the screen is considerably small. In fact, most of the game's difficulty relies on the fact that you need to aim those keys really fast before those moderators fuck you up.

edit Multiplayer

There is also a Multiplayer option in which you plug the telephone chord on your tv set and then call some of your buddies and ask them to help you build this stupid website on Wii. The biggest challenge is not only managing to make the call after such an unrealistic electronical operation; but once you achieve it, managing to convince your friends that you're not really out of your mind. PRESS DA BUTTONS

edit Other cool levels


Watch out for the Agents

There is this level in which you have to drive through this huge volcano and shoot down some guards and then there's this crazy guy with an M-16 and you have to convince him of letting you go through the bridge and the only way to do it *SPOILER ALERT* is if you follow the dialogue combination: 2, 1, 1, 4, 2 and then after that there's this crazy giant motherfucking spider and *SPOILER ALERT* you cannot kill it unless you stay on the lower corner and then tap the A button as fast as you can when it shoots the web.... and then you arrive at this massive cave and you have to climb some .... things with ... ropes... and then you reach a giant Volkswagen which shoots snakes out of its rear engine and you have to dodge them while you're trying to figure out the combination for a Safe and then the whole thing explodes and you have to go down this subterranean river and kill some bad guys before you run out of breath and then you have to jump over these turtle-shaped creatures and make sure the shell doesn't bounce against you and then you have to ride these motherfucking speed-bikes which are so fast that you can't see the wall before you smash your sorry ass against it and then there's this huge motherfucker who looks like Swarchzenneger and you have to kill him and toss him down the window and you cannot jump because there are spikes on the roof and then there's this alligator pond which you have to jump but making sure you don't fall down and then there's the boss which is really easy and then it's over.

edit Wiki-Content

This game has a lot of hidden Wiki-related content which is basically promotional. This being the basic reason why the creators of Wikipedia authorized the release of the game. For example:

  • On Level 3, when you reach the Old lady at the Cabin, there is a poster in the background which reads "Vote Sanger or die on the stake, sucker". Larry Sanger was one of the first employees to work on the creation of Wikipedia
  • The Boss's Lair is "Village Pump" which is also the name of the link you click on if you want to check questions related to Wikipedia
  • The Bad Dude's Trashcar's license plate number is PDF 343. This is a reference to the Adobe Reader .PDF files.
  • The little icons that spin around the main character's head every time he hits himself are the same icons that appear in the Wikipedia logo
  • The Moderators' faces are shaped according to Jimmy Wales, one of the creators of the first version of Wikipedia.

edit Wii-kipedia Console

It's been rumored for quite a while that there are plans to create a Wii-kipedia Video Game Console. This console, which is similar to the Nintendo Wii, allows you to edit video games as you please. You can change a the game's plot or you can delete some of the bad guys who kick your ass and make you start all over again. The idea is still in discussion and could be removed completely due to its extreme Stupid Factor. If you would like to vote in favor or against it, contact No at [no@rightsreserved.com]

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