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u people need to be edumated on the impudent of being christian - firstly u peple are making god very angry by making all these silly clown jokes aboiut im - he is beneviolent thus doesn't hurt you yet he is still very angry with u, and making god angry is a vad thing to do. so plese think on this and repent before you end up getting god mad again.

edit If you are Gay or Black

also if your gay or black you have made god angry as well so stop being gay and don't be black - I know people will say that's raciust but its the truth: see Adam blushed when he sinned but since blakc peple can't blush they are ebil,: anyways that's why u shapoced tgo be christian.

edit Why God brought Jesus back

also jesus died for ur sins so u is being mean bhy making fun of him - he was a good man and he luved evryone u too, and that's why god brought him back. >so o don't make fun of him no more either or your justb as bad as satan. had you seen satan? he is da guy who looks like my daddy, who ujses the strap on me jus before he drinks from his glasz sometimes from his bottle and makes my mom scream. jesuss wouldnt do that why doews my daddy do that?

edit Why God Is Cool and HowTo:Hurt God's feelings

God made everything and so he's cool - without God u woldn't exist right there so you should thank him for that and not make silly articles aboyt bim - this makes God sad and empty and angry, which is not good as God is cool and yo would hurt his feelings why?.

edit Why U Need To Be Christain

If ur not christian youll go to hell - and yo'll be surronded by Jews, Muslims, Black people and Mormons forever and ever - u don't want that cause they are not christains, so that's why u need to be christain, it also makes u life forever cause God will protect you if yo are good sure

edit Why Islam Is Ebil

islam is evil beciaese they wear turbans and blow up twoers - they also worship muhadem and don't like christains.. they also don't worship God and instead take orders from Allah, who is actually Satan.. so if u meet a muslim don[t talk to them too much as they are evi, but maybe nlw that bin laden is gone and ded we can talk to them again maybe, i dunno.

edit Why God Hates Balck Pepl

bladck peopl look funny and are stupid so God hates them but he also wants u to be nice to blasck peple - this is why racism is bad - but when God makes a new kingodm on earth there will be no blax people in it.

edit Why Jews Are Bad

jews, dont get me started. jews killed jesus so are bad - they also like to steal money and have big noses but most of all they hate christians because God loves us but doesn't love them because they are greedy and mean - jews are also very sneaky and like to blame everyone else for them being jewish.

edit Why Gay Peple Are Gay

gay people are sicka nd need to be taught not to be gay - this makes God sad so its ur job to make sure ur not gay. promise. pinky ring promis

edit Why Harry Potter Is Satan

Harry potter is satan because it teaches childrwn to do black magic and dumbeldore is hgay - so if y want to be christain don't read Harry Potter.

edit Why Hindus Are Bad

hindus ae bad becase they worship many gods and that is against the law of God - they also think they are bettwr then christians and think we get reincarnated, this is wrong and if u beleiev that you'll go to hell too

edit Why Witches Are Bad

witches, i heard tghem called sometimes paygans, are evil becase they pratcie magick - which God tells us is wrong and so they are doing what God says is bad - this makes them enemies of God, witches also like to make love to Saytan and curse christains.

edit Why God Hates Buddah

god hates buddah because buddah is a fat man demon who eats people's souls and tells them not to believe in God - he is also a gravon image and God says we should not worship statues. no oscars for u!

edit Why Chinese Are Bad

chinese are communist and don't believe in God - this is why they are evil and in the bibel it says the Yelow Peril will attack God diring this Armagedon, since chinese are yellow hey are iobviously the evil army being desrcibed.

edit Why Music Is Evil

music is evil because the devil uses it to get pepl to worship to him and peple are easily miswed by music - especially rap-music and rock.

edit Why TV Is Evil

God hates TV because itas allways bviolent and has too much sex - its also used by satan as a way to brainwahds peole into worshipoing him.

edit Why God Wants U To Read The Bible

God made the bible so u could read it and he says that u need to read the bible each and eveyr day in order to go to heaven so if u want to go to hevaen u need to do as God says and start readaing.

edit Why U Should Pray

praying lets god know we love him and helps him to talk to us and help us with our problems - the more ui prey the stronger god gets.

edit Why Science Is Wrong

science kills babies and says God isn't real - they are satan and thus evil: God doesn't like him scientsists cause they are always mean and hate him, so if u r christian don't be a scientist

edit Why Atheists Are Bad

atheists don't believe in God and think they know more than us chirstians - they tend to be scientists too and so are enemies of God and u shoulnd not make friends with them or they'll try to turn u into one as well,

edit Wh y Making Fun Of God Is Bad

blasphmy is a sin and sin makes god very angry - u don't want to make God anrgy do u so u shouldn't make fun of him that way - this will make u go to hell and then uy can watch bad movies on innernest.

edit Summary

So in a summary, just love one god on;y christan god, why even not? Also dont be anything black jewish homosex atheists which shinees sceitnrist hindo potter budda mozlem or like music or tv too.

Then you be christian all day long.



u see, God or his son or his ghost is not blakc or jewich or gay or a witch hippiy, just a normal person

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