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Hah.  Sir Skullthumper, MD (criticize  writings  SU&W) 05:28 Nov 24, 2007

edit Reason why your request will never be answered!

Your challenge is an interesting one, however it is impossible. Time does not work in the way you are expecting it to work.

In simplestt terms: Lets say that my father invented a machine that would allow him to travel, and he invented this machine in the year 1970. He played around with his machine and fine tuned it over the years and by the time I was old enough to understand it, he allows me to use his machine.

The earliest possible time I am able to return to, using travel backwards into the past, is only as early as when the machine was first switched on, which we said was 1970. It would be completely impossible for us to return to an earlier date than when time travel was first a reality (the point at which the machine began operating).

As there is currently no such machine in existence (YET: Wait a few months and watch CERN) the possibility of someone being able to manipulate your timeline, is not currently possible.


edit This is similar to my proof that TT will never be invented

Basically, given a long enough timeline, at some point someone would eventually go back to some point to cause something to make my existence cease, or the species extinct. We are here, so no one will ever have gone back in time to change that.

  • Not if there are limits on time travel. Say, for example, you can't travel back to a point before your time machine existed. This does make sense; there's a whole film with that idea called Primer. I was going to put a whole paragraph about that in here, but I'll skip that and just say; Time travel may yet be invented, but it will be highly overrated when it is.
Alternatively, maybe the time machines are run by British Airways and are always delayed. There's a joke there somewhere. Snowyowl 00:53, November 20, 2009 (UTC)
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