Why?:Masturbate to that one chick from Mythbusters

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Why should you masturbate to that one chick from Mythbusters?

Why not?

She's a miracle

She's a woman. Who does science. As we all know, this is suspension of reality. Tits + rockets = Nipples in the stratosphere. Boobs in the sky. B-Cups in the clouds. Without gravity, imagine how they would look.

She wears plaid

It's like a lumberjack, without all the disgusting hair on the chin. With a vagina. Who wouldn't want to fuck any of the members of Monty Python?

She's "one of the guys"

So it's like being gay without all the namecalling. Sounds perfect, right?

She likes to blow things up

If she can blow up a car that efficiently, imagine what she can do with fellatio.


I came.
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