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Me, expressing the extent of my hotness as a solid visual diagram, as opposed to a vague written variable.


No matter how much you adjust your body temperature, even to extreme points, you will not be hot.

Why am I hot? Why am I hot, you ask? I'll tell you why: this is why I'm hot. And to prove this, I shall propose a short scientific summary as to why I am hot, and as an addendum, why there exists an impossibility for you to be hot because I am hot, making you, in turn, not.

edit I'm hot because I'm fly

This section is to describe why I'm hot. Let there be a constant, fly, standing as a measure similar, yet not equal to, hotness. Let it also be that I am in possession of a great deal of fly. Thusly, I'm hot because I'm, quite frankly, fly as well. But why am I fly, you ask? That shall be gone over in more detail in the next section, which describes why I am, specifically, hot, and you are, on the other hand, not.

edit You ain't because you're not

You're not hot nor fly because I'm hot. If I ceased to be hot, you wouldn't necessarily instantly become hot in my stead, but this is a moot point considering that as long as you're not hot, I shall be hot. And I because I am hot, and you are not, you shall never be hot. Thusly, I shall always be hot, and as a corollary, fly as well. In other words, you ain't cuz you not.

edit Conclusion

I'm hot because I'm fly, you ain't because you not. This is why, this is why, and I repeat for a third time as to emphasize my point, this is why I'm hot.

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