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(Proof of hypocritism or hypocrition... whatever...)
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== Proof of hypocritism or hypocrition... whatever... ==
== Proof of hypocritism or hypocrition... whatever... ==
notice on the page about mexicans , black , and asians dont allow people
While already pushing every other race to the depths of extreme poverty, disease and famine, whiteys still complain about any criticism levelled at them.
to edit and erase the racist things but on this page however anyone can edit
and erase everything like a big baby. Maybe their asses are as white as their
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{{Q|DeM wIgGaZ R aLwEyS bUyInG buddy ShEeT!|Fiddy Tupuk|White people}}
{{Q|DeM wIgGaZ R aLwEyS bUyInG buddy ShEeT!|Fiddy Tupuk|White people}}
[[Image:Aljolson.jpg|thumb|right|Since all white people are [[racist]] all the time, this is the usual fashion they publically display.]]
[[Image:Aljolson.jpg|thumb|right|Since all white people are [[racist]] all the time, this is the usual fashion they publically display.]]
== KKK ==
== KKK ==

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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Republicans?

Proof of hypocritism or hypocrition... whatever...

While already pushing every other race to the depths of extreme poverty, disease and famine, whiteys still complain about any criticism levelled at them.


“Poo!!I ran short of Melanin. OH, what the!?.”
~ God on Creation of Man
“Who are these people?”
~ Leon S. Kennedy on White People
“You can't steal nothin from a white man, he's already stole it he owes you anything you want, even his life. All the stores will open up if you will say the magic words. The magic words are: Up against the wall m*****f***** this is a stick up!”
~ Gangsta on White people
“Wow! Mom, this place is full of Albinos.”
~ African Child on Arriving in Europe
“The death of over 120 white people is a very beautiful thing.”
~ Osama Bin Laden on Whites
“Size does not matter”
~ White Magazines on White Shortage
“DeM wIgGaZ R aLwEyS bUyInG buddy ShEeT!”
~ Fiddy Tupuk on White people

Since all white people are racist all the time, this is the usual fashion they publically display.


Coneheaded rednecks and wierd white men who wear white clothing i guess to be proud of mutaded skin of a monkey? Even though they are really pink. The official site says they dont hate "negroes" but they do. I guess thats why they've never been to detroit. And also they must be getting tired getting their asses kicked whenever they show up with that stupid pale pride bull.

Where do they come from? traveling africans? i dont think so...

most likely a group of albinos. if you've noticed the other people who live in cold areas still arent completely white. they have a very light brown almost white skin. sort of grey. (most far off south and eastern europeans. straighten hair and big noses comes from temperature. maybe the albinos just decided to spend somewhere nice for winter and ended up staying?

White people, Commonly referred to as Caucasians or Europeans (by some idiots) should not, as some morons people believe be considered a separate race. They are, in fact albinistic people of all races in humanity who, through bitterness, discriminate against everyone else. They are the only race which truly believes in UFO's for one reason or the other. They forced most races into poverty while hiding their objectives behind the "Word of God". They are nespotic and afraid of anything they cannot control. They do not have a moral way of life - no respect for their mothers and they live entirely like snakes except those in leadership. In recent years, they are trying by all mean to be

49 cent! A white man's desperate attempt at social acceptance.

like blacks and their efforts let to them being pathetic cool retared chavs. Some have tried so hard to be black that they married blacks, causing their children to be increasingly black.

Known Facts about Whites

1. Get offended by the smallest things 2. delete questions asking about them on yahoo answers 3. Deny the fact that all animal/child rappers and cerial killers are white 4. deny the fact that they made racist cartoons in the 40s-60s. 5. think they invented all of todays modern technology but have asians make it and use it for them.

Famous white people

Vitruvian man

They really have small penises. Can you even see it? I know I can't

  • Micheal Jackson
  • Jim Carrey
  • Mr. Bean
  • Ben Affleck
  • Casper the friendly ghost
  • George W. Bush
  • The Man
  • Nathan Bedford Forrest
  • Barack Obama
  • Martin Luther King
  • Keanu Reaves
  • Will Smith
  • "50 Cent"
  • Tiger Woods
  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Ronald McDonald
  • You
  • Malcolm X
  • David Beckham
  • Your Mom
  • Uncle Tom

How to offend or annoy white people

  1. Eating crackers in front of them and not sharing any.
  2. Saying "nigga" in front of them and then attempting to beat them up for saying it.
  3. Stepping on printer paper.
  4. Pissing in the snow.
  5. Dumping milk into the toilet.
  6. Asking why monkeys have white skin.
  7. Showing proof AIDS was a experiment.
  8. Disagreeing with them.
  9. Throwing away a hockey stick.

Known crime that they deny by talking about black and hispanic crimes:

  • Raping children aged 14-
  • Raping dogs , raccoons , and barn animals (including horses) YUCK O_o
  • Going crazy over a break up and murdering some women they dont even know.
  • Getting mad because they were bullied in school and shooting up teachers and students
  • Ripping babies out of pregnet women
  • Police brutality (police are nothing but white guys who signed up and had no training.

Races they've wiped out or almost wiped out

  • Native australians
  • Native north and south americans
  • Angliosaxens (Native puerto ricans)
  • And are currently trying to wipe out africans :)


A british are no more than stupid bastards who think they are above everything. Even the americans. They have very bad teeth and pronounce every english word WRONG! Chopper in american , choppah in british. fucker in american , fuckah in british. basically they dont know how to use "ER " "AR" actually pretty much anything with a A e i or o with an r in the end. Im sure if someone was to cut those big yellow teeth to a normal size they would speek properly.


Out of all white nations these are the worse. usually they are hypocrites and always say black people are racist but once a fact is brought up about them they begin racial slurs and being big babies. (mostly known on youtube and yahoo answers). Typical young white males like heavy metal , sex , alchohol , rock , and try to take credit for stolen inventions older white men took back in the old days. Older white men think about nothing but office work. (yet talk about other races being lazy). most office jobs are nothing but sitting in office chairs answering calls while mexican jobs are picking lettuce and tomatoes so their fat asses can eat. Did i mention they like to skateboard too much?


Aussie: Ello mate ima aussie mate. Whatcha doing ya mate? Scottie: I ain dewin nothen mate. What about yew mate? American: Enugh dewd. Like what are yu doin???? Maite?


Myschartschihagen trishsmortslegen torshshagen hvertsamagen

Relation ship with asians

They really have nothing in common. most asians think they are white because of the lack of melanin. which is why alot dy there hair blonde and get contacts but look closely and you will see asians are a brownish yellowish color mixed with a cream and very light. some are even tan! All asians are good for to americans are sex and making toys and to british... well they are good for the fish but not for the chips! Nothing comes between a brit and his fish n chips.

USA police

usa police beat up civilians of color.(most of the time). black guy gets pulled over for driving 20 mph with one headlight off due to a recent accident* cop: "son" do you know you were driving 50 mph. the speed limit is 25 my "brothah". Black guy: im pretty sure i was going around 20 mph. cop: sir may i see your license and registration? Black guy: What does that gotta do with my speed. cop: Resisting arrest *sprays pepper spray in black guys face*.Black guy : Ahhhhhh *accidently steps on peddle **car drives into streetlight*.*cop catches up to car and screams your resisting arrest! Black guy: My eyes!!!! i cant see it burns .... it burns us. * pulls out 9mm and shoots black guy 15 times in face reloades and shoots 15 more bullets.* cop: Oooops...... *puts gun on corpse's hand and spinkles crack over the passenger's seat.

3 days later.... video of police car recording is found in cop's apartment.**cop goes to court* white judge: we have no proof he did this on purpose. He might have just been trying to reach for his tazer. even though they are on different sides of his pocket and are two different sizes. YOU ARE FREE TO GO!.... mother of black guy: WHA?????

Fat man
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