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We do not volunteer at this University. We choose to serve.

Aren't volunteering and community service the same damn thing?

Can I get out of it?

maybe if you're a spoiled ritch kid who only cares about him/herself.

Stages of Choosing to Serve

There is no volunteering - that which Great White Mother tells us to do is our joyful duty. There are instead three stages of Choosing to Serve. Foreplay involves preparing your group for community service, intercourse is the act of servicing, and afterglow is the discussion and criticism.


People who are not as experienced with community service often have questions about it. However, they are typically afraid to ask them, because they feel that asking these questions will embarrass them in front of their more-experienced peers. Here are a few common questions of this type.

I get a funny feeling when I participate in community service. Is something wrong with me?

yes, you are the most retarted person on the planet if you feel funny. helping people you dont know is a good thing. they arent aliens u no

I often have the feeling that my performance is inadequate. Is this normal?

Yes, it's perfectly normal for many people to question their adequacy. This demonstrates the importance of the "afterglow" stage, where such inadequacies can easily be corrected with a change in technique. If this inadequacy continues, it might be a sign of community service dysfunction.

Some strange guy stares at us whenever we do community service. Who is this guy?

It's Immortal Jesuit Emperor Fed Acker Huang, and it's perfectly normal. He often gives helpful advice to first-timers, and takes a very keen interest in this subject.

Sometimes I feel that my group is engaging in other community service projects behind my back.

This is another perfectly normal feeling. The correct thing to do is to stalk him or her to find out what's going on. Remember, if you truly care, you'll never give up.

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