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“You can't touch this.”
~ MC Hammer on accessing an illegal webpage.

edit Introduction and Rationale


A screen familiar to users of this online service.

It has been known that rogue states but also companies and universities put restrictions to Internet usage. These restrictions are so aggressive and perverse that the Internet experience of the end-user is completely compromised.

WebSense (IPAEng: ˈwɛbsɛnsɛsʌks) (a.k.a "Web'non'sense") comes to the rescue by providing stealth anonymity to the masses, allowing them to browse the Internet without restrictions. Due to this, WebSense is severely unpopular in specific non-secural countries; merely having WebSense software installed on your computer may land you in jail for two years.

edit Technical details

WebSense offers anonymous secure proxy servers that end-users can connect to. Once such a server is blocked, WebSense activates a new one and informs the users through encrypted e-mail to switch to it.

There is currently work carried out to integrate WebSense with the Onion Routing project in order to offer protection against traffic analysis.

WebSense is resilient to differential analysis attacks thanks to patented technologies being employed.

edit Websense categories

WebSense is used especially by these groups of people

If you belong to one of the categories above, you can apply for a free license to use WebSense. Please contact them mentioning this page.

edit Motto

The motto of WebSense is Putting the Sense back in the Web. As more content-filtering software packages are being sold and utilised in perimeter networks, the real message of the Internet got diluted. Therefore, in a wise move, WebSense adopted the motto of sensible Internet, and puts the sense back to where it belongs, the Internet itself. The other Websense motto is "De Heil Websense!".

edit Vandalism

This page has been vandalised twice already by the oppressors of freedom. Please help keep WebSense page up and running.

edit Preemptive actions

Thanks to donations from around the world, the WebSense international community raised US$20.000 to win the online auction and register the Internet domain WebsenseSucks.com so that no other people may use. Please join the new initiative to register WebsenseReallySucks.com and avoid corporate interference to the mission of Websense.

edit Parody

WebSense:Wikipedia makes fun of WebSense at the popular parody Website Wikipedia. In the sly humour of the Wikipedia hippies, WebSense is depicted as a content-filtering product aimed at restricting Internet access.

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