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Warrior Cats is a series of historical novels created by Erin Hunter and based on real events that actually happened. The series follows the adventures of catnip-crazy house cats that escape from their owners to go live in a forest. The wild cats are continually high on catnip; because of this, they are not in their right minds and they believe they can talk and save the world. There are currently 191 Warriors books published at the moment, but Erin Hunter's personal goal is to have 350 published by the year 2020.

Although the series follows the lives of many different cats, it focuses on an immortal cat named Firestar and his unique adventures throughout the four "Clans" of cats that live in the wilderness. The Clans are BraveClan, EvilClan, BoringClan, and KindaEvilClan (They are sometimes referred to as ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and RiverClan). These Clans are always fighting. Their main conflicts are focused around the trade, production, and consumption of catnip. Throughout the series, Firestar tries to collect as much catnip as possible. He keeps his stash very well hidden and guarded, and each book focuses on a different scheme he has to collect more of it.

Major themes in the books are forbidden love, violence, drug use, racism, forbidden love, and characters doing illegal actions. Erin Hunter has stated that she drew inspiration for the books from several different places, including the streets of Manhattan, the depths of Hell, and her time spent in jail.

These books are a great influence on children, and many parents encourage their kids to read them.


There are roughly 2000 characters in the Warrior Cat's series. Due to this fact, only a few select characters have been listed.

Firestar: The main character of the books. Not only is he the leader of Thunderclan, but he also has a successful (and very illegal) way of collecting more catnip. He has many lovers, and the other cats in the series are very jealous of his life. It has been reported by the Erin Hunters that his success in life is due to the fact that he has a large penis.

Jayfeather: A blind cat who the fandom finds sexually attractive - despite the fact that he is a fictional, talking cat. Reading about Jayfeather makes many fans horny. This is because he makes quite a few sexual remarks, and there have been many descriptive sex scenes between him and another character named Stick. He hates the world, but he can read minds.

Scourge: A friendly kitten who lives on the streets. He visits the Clan cats very often, and he is one of Firestar's closest friends. His favorite things to do are play with dogs and practice his cuddling skills.

Graystripe: A black man trapped inside a cat's body. He's not very important in the story, and most readers tend to forget about him.

Tigerstar: The Villain In the book series. On many occasions, he tries to steal Firestar's catnip. He always fails though, because Firestar knows his weakness. His weakness is water: whenever he gets wet, he starts melting like an ice cube in the sun. This is why Firestar keeps a moat around his catnip stash.

Bluestar: A dead leader. She used to rule over BraveClan, but one day she ran out of catnip. The withdrawal symptoms were too much for her to bear, so she ended up taking her own life. Rest in peace, Bluestar.

Spottedleaf: Just one of Firestar's many lovers. She sorts Firestar's catnip for him, and she is kind and sweet to every cat she meets. She secretly wants Firestar all to herself, and she plans on killing his other lovers.

Fireheart: A past life of Firestar. He used to roam the forest, and spy on all of the Clans. Some cats think he still does. Humans in the fandom usually call him "Firefart" for shits and giggles, but what they don't realize is that Fireheart actually did fart fire once. He nearly burned down the whole forest.

Hawkfrost: Another villain. Hawkfrost is Tigerstar's son, so his weakness is also water. He plots with his father to steal Firestar's catnip, but of course, it never works because Firestar is somewhat immortal and indestructible.

Ravenpaw: An abnormally skinny cat who was banished from the clans for being homosexual.

Barley: Ravenpaw's husband.


For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Warrior Cats.

Warrior Cats takes place in a forest in a land far away, where four Clans of wild house cats live. The Clans are first formed when a house cat named Rusty escapes from his owner and runs into the forest behind his home. Like most cats, Rusty is able to produce asexually, and he does so as soon as he enters the forest. Soon, there are cats everywhere.

These cats split up into four Clans and decide they need to fight each other. Rusty argues with the other cats, and says they can't fight if they don't have something to fight about. So, the cats begin to grow and cultivate wild catnip on their territories. As a consequence, they all become addicted to the catnip and start hallucinating. They give themselves strange names, they start worshiping ghosts, and they think they can talk.

The Clan cats build themselves a delicately balanced economy, focusing entirely on the trade of catnip. Each Clan grows a different variety of catnip on their territory, and each month the Clans get together to trade it at something called a "Gathering." Sometimes things go wrong, and fights break out among the cats. They usually fight over the high prices of other cat's catnip, or they fight in order to gain control of each other's catnip farms.

The entire series happens over the course of many years. Rusty, who now calls himself Firestar, tries to collect catnip from the other cats and create a giant stash of it. He wants to do this because he received a message from StarClan (the cat gods) telling him that the world would end soon. He is determined to collect enough catnip to live off of in a post-apocalyptic world. Each book he goes on different adventures and tries to collect more catnip in different ways, sometimes illegal ones.

The villain of the series is Tigerclaw, a large brown tomcat with bright red eyes. He is constantly trying to steal Firestar's catnip for himself, but he always fails. Tigerclaw is more addicted to catnip than any other cat in the series, so Tigerclaw acts very strangely. He is more than willing to kill other cats to get more catnip, and sometimes he does. He even steals from his own Clanmates, who usually try to work together and help each other out.


“I wish he would just film me and Jayfeather having sex. I've asked him before, but he's always too busy. When will that idiot realize there's more to life than just catnip? ...”
~ Stick on Firestar.
“Why can't they just realize I'm too busy to make them pregnant? Don't get me wrong, I love sex, but catnip is more important to me. After all, this entire world wouldn't be possible without it.”
~ Firestar on his lovers.
“I hate this world. If you try to cheer me up, then MOTHERFUCKER GO FUCK YOURSELF.”
~ Jayfeather on life.

Unreleased Books


Did you know: Erin Hunter also created the well-known media franchise Carmen Sandiego. Much like Warriors, this franchise stretched on for far too long.

These books have been officially confirmed by Erin Hunter, and most of them are expected to be released sometime in the year 2015.

The Rancid Raven: Allegiances are shifting among the Clans, and it is becoming harder and harder to separate friend from enemy. The warriors are relying on their leaders to guide them now more than ever. Unable to take the pressure, Firestar flees from ThunderClan and eventually runs into Ravenpaw, a friend from his past. He is eager to start a calmer, simpler life with his childhood friend, but Ravenpaw's zombie-like behavior leaves Firestar a little confused. Over the course of the book, Firestar is determined to discover if Ravenpaw has really become a zombie. But as he searches for answers, he uncovers some secrets that would be better left hidden...

A Stickly Romance: Jayfeather's relationship with Stick is really starting to heat up. Jayfeather feels closer to Stick than he has ever felt to anything, and he is certain they are meant to be together. He has even considered proposing, but he can't seem to work up the nerve to do so. Meanwhile, Stick has been having an affair with a sexy bamboo rod behind Jayfeather's back. Will Jayfeather discover Stick's betrayal and return the ring, or will it be too late?

Goodbye and Farewell: The Clans have finally realized that their world doesn't make any sense. They slowly begin to realize that StarClan is a figment of their crazy, cat imaginations. They also realize they don't enjoy fighting, and all they've ever really wanted was a warm lap to curl up on. Throughout an epic journey full of soul-searching and friendly snuggling, the Clan cats find a Twoleg - or a human, as they now call them - who seems willing to adopt them. Crazy Cat Lady Lucy is more than happy to let all of the Clan cats into her home, and the warriors are equally as happy about being adopted. But is this really the end for the Warrior Cat's...? Nope, of course not! This series never ends!


Certain demographics, including Muslims and rich businessmen, have said that the books are very insulting and extremely crude. There have been many long debates over whether or not "hidden messages" relating to religious topics were strategically placed throughout the books.

Many messages have been sent to Erin Hunter over this issue, but the author refuses to respond.


Fans of the Warrior Cats series call themselves, "Wannabe Warriors."

Most of the Warrior Cats fandom believe in and worship a fictional thing called "StarClan." They think StarClan is equivalent to a religion, and they worship cats as gods. Because of this, they are similar to ancient Egyptians.

The majority of Wannabe Warriors like to spend their free time in unusual ways. A very popular pass-time among this fandom is to take all of their clothes off, run into a forest, and try to build a "Clan." Another thing they like to do is pretend to be Erin Hunter and write ridiculous fanfictions of this series. They also enjoy eating watermelons.

Some famous people that consider themselves to be Wannabe Warriors include:


Although the books originally received quite a lot of criticism about being too confusing because of the large number of characters, the series has still had quite a lot of success. Since it's publication in 2003, over 16 billion copies of the books have already been sold worldwide. It is the most popular among people between the ages of 21 and 49.

Warriors Cats has been nominated for many awards, but has not yet received any.

There has been talk of a Warriors movie, but no official announcements have been released.

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