War of Northern Aggression

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War of Northern Agression
Date 1860-1865
Location North America
Result USA became even MORE arrogant
damn traitors damnyankees
the great Robert E. Lee whatever jerk they could find
cheap slave labor cheap immigrant labor
85,942,678.75 95,123,456
"The South Will Rise Again!" (tm)

“Confederates will be assimilated. You will be assimilated. We are Microsoft”
~ The Borg on War of Northern Aggression

The War of Northern Aggression was a tremendously unjust war instigated by Abraham Lincoln and his Northern elitist cronies in 1860, only coming to an end in 1865. It is widely considered one of the least justified wars in American history. The citizens from the South call it the War of Northern Aggression, when it is actually called the Civil War.


The causes of the War of Northern Aggression arguably date back to early 11th century Scotland with the reign of the king Macbeth. who was hot stuff Macbeth, even in the early 1000s, had a "total war" or "scorched earth" policy with regard to his houseguests that would later be emulated by General Sherman in the War of Northern Aggression. Macbeth (the hot one) had a policy of inviting people to his house, burning them, and then wrapping rail ties around their necks.

Approximately 800 years later, the greatest cause of the War of Northern Aggression was undoubtedly the birth of a single man. His name was Abraham Lincoln (666-66-6666), and his name would come to represent every evil inherent in mankind. or as in the ol,den days they used 2 do the macareena Namely, he was poor, ugly, and with a thong sense of the evil commonly called "equality". Also found in Lincoln's placenta was a small seed. This was burned, buried, and discarded, and eventually sprouted as a rare species of communist, called Howard Zinn[1]. then i killed him with my trusty samuri sword... President Lincoln FREED THE SLAVES! They did not deserve to be abused, the south thinks that they won the Civil War, when the North won. If the South won, there would still be slaves and I believe that there is no slaves other then illegal ones brought illegally and sold.

The War

The Beginning


General Lee led the first charge on behalf of the South in the War of Northern Aggression.

The first battle of the WoNA was the battle of Bunker Hill. Disputed accounts that the North was actually shooting at redcoats is a lie. They were not redcoats, they were rednecks, a completely different terminology. Undoubtedly these people are Reds of another sort.

The Middle

The next major battle of the WoNA was probably the battle of Manassas. Now, some people have disputed that the battle was actually the Battle of Bull Run, or some other Northern propaganda. This is bullcrap. The battle was that of Manassas. Needless to say us Southerners won again, because of our commanders and our fried chicken.

Then we went on to the battle of the Bulge. This was the battle that took place in Germany. Now, undoubtedly, some of you Northerners are questioning this. That is more Northern bullshit. The Battle of the Bulge was a part of the WoNA. This battle was a stalemate because Germany kept using rocket planes and nuclear powered robots to interfere in the battle. hi bestfriend

Everyone is equal in the United States now & forever will be. Everyone is created equal and shall be treated the same.

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