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A handgun is a particularly nonlethal firearm. It consists of a human hand contorted to mimic the shape of a gun, bending the thumb to form the bullet chamber and the index and middle fingers to form the barrel. Noted for its accuracy and efficiency, it is estimated that 99.99% of the world's population have used the weapon at some point in their lives, and yet not a single injury has been incurred through its use, making it the safest weapon in history.

Hey guys, this is the top seekret area that the dude who made this map decided to put in. Oh, and there's some dude with a Glock camping here.


lOL tehre are sum hostgaes opvar zetre!!!1!!@@!!@!! j00 n00b j00 comsz in and sVAES THeM!!11!! GTFO AND LTE ME FINISH TEHM OFf!!!!11!1!!!!

It's quite clear that there are lots of "No Camping" decals and a few Proximity Mines. Whoops, wrong game.

A wallhack (which often occurs in Counter-strike) is a type of hack which makes everything semitransparent and allows weapons to fire through walls. It is frequently used by script kiddies and noobs, who haven't quite grasped the concept of playing properly.

edit History

Before the distribution of hacktools, Wallhacking required a lot of time, patience, and skill. Many hackers spent hours gnashing their teeth, trying to work out how to make walls see-through. After a while, they had found a solution: to stop gnashing their teeth and actually work it out. In doing this, the hackers decided that the best way to do this was to unlock the hot coffee mod in Counter-strike, which made all the clothes walls see-through.

The wallhack success story got passed on by word-of-mouth, and it was not long before somebody built their own wallhack and made a terrible mistake: they released it to the public. In only four minutes, the wallhack already had 100 downloads.

edit Usage

Once the Wallhack was released, a noob could use one by taking a few simple steps.

  • Firstly, the noob would google wallhack. If the game were something other than Counter-strike, they would google wallhack (game title).
  • Secondly, the noob would then find the appropriate program.
  • They would then proceed to install it, along with spyware.
  • Finally, they would play the game, go onto a server, and show their "ub3r 1337 h4x" off.

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