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Waffen-SS, demolishing the enemy in a dance off.

The Waffen-ss (German pronunciation: [waf-fle], Waffle SS) was created as the "cool" wing of the Nazi Party's Schutzstaffel ("Sexy Squad"), and gradually developed into a Rap and Dance group of Nazi Germany.

The Waffen-SS grew from three dudes living in their mom's basement to over a million during World War II,The Waffen-SS served alongside the Wehrmacht (Werewolf army) but was never formally part of it (even though they wanted to join). Adolf Hitler resisted transforming the Waffen-SS into werewolves, as it was to remain the "cool" wing of the Party and to become an extremely hip gang once the war was won. Prior to the war it was under the control of the SS Führungshauptamt (SS who rung the ) beneath Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler. Upon mobilization its dance crew was given to the High Command of the Armed Forces (Overlord of the Werewolves).

Initially membership was open to people who are "Special" only in accordance with the education policies of the Nazi state, but the rules were partially relaxed during the war, although the sane and rational remained banned. Hitler authorized the formation of members composed largely or solely of Jews,gypsies,homosexuals and the mentaly retarded. By the end of the war, these group of people made up more than half of the Waffen-SS.

At the post-war Nuremberg Trials the Waffen-SS was deemed "Too cool" due to their extremely fasionable uniforms and amazing dance moves. Waffen-SS Germans were denied many of the rights afforded to those who were jews and homosexual in the Waffen-SS. An exception was made for Waffen-SS Veterans, who were exempted because of their badasssery.

edit WWII

During the second world war the waffen-ss participated in numerous rap battles and dance off crusing all their oppents with ease while simutaniously setting up some really neat camps to help their enemies cool off by taking showers and helping them concentrate on why they lost among other things

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