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Wade has an evil double sliding around the multiverse, but the evil double spells her last name "Welles" instead of "Wells".
“I saw this Pixie once, and it terrified me!.”
~ Jack Bauer on Pixies
“All must protect this Pixie!.”
~ Oscar Wilde on the Pixies' name
“I thought there was going to be Pie here!.”
~ Black Francis on Pixies
“Black Francis, do you have to be so stupid?.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Black Francis

Queen Wade the Pixie

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Wade Wells.

Wade Wells, otherwise known as Sabrina Lloyd, is the best Pixie. She is the greatest Pixie of them all, for she created the Pixie Race and monitors all other Pixies. She lives in some part of America, but nobody knows exactly where because she keeps herself hidden, and only appears when she wants to. The longest length of time she has ever not been hiding was when the television series Sliders aired, and she showed the whole world her Pixie magic. She has the power to cast Pixie spells, open Wormholes/Parallel Universe gate ways, fly, disappear and reappear at will and many many more powers which we can't name because there are so many. She is the Queen Pixie and has more Pixie Magic and Pixie Powers than all other Pixies.

Wade Wells is well known because she was a character on the Television show Sliders. Most of the Sliders fan base however never new that she was a Pixie. If you watch the television show you will noticed many different things about Wades personality and mannerisms that show she is in fact a pixie, such as the fact that she is easily excitable, she is cute, she is small, she has big brown eyes, she wears shiny pixie clothes etc.

edit Pixie Protectors

Her Pixie Protectors are Mr. Cheese, Token Black Guy and Pure English, all of these people can be seen in the first three series of Sliders, but don't watch the last 2, they are crap. The reason they aren't as good is because Wade went away to spread Pixie Magic around the world and took Pure English as her protector for this mission because she wanted to keep it quiet and thought three Pixie Protectors would cause to much of a fuss.

edit Powers

Wade has more powers than any of the other Pixies, and has more Pixie Magic and Pixie dust than any other Pixie. She uses this extra magic to play hilarious pranks, spread Pixie joy and to shield all of Pixie kind from the evil Lepricons.

edit Things Pixies find Funny

  • Pranks
  • The Idea that Professional Womens Basketball is supposed to be taken seriously
  • Jimmy Carrs Hair Cut
  • Irregular Webcomic
  • Emo's and Chavs Fighting each other

edit Things Pixies Don't Like

  • Cages because they are so damn Scary
  • Banana Skins because anything that is bigger than some of them is annoying
  • Snakes
  • Flying in Planes because other things that fly make them uncomfortable
  • Leprechauns
  • Being locked in a cage on a flying plane whilst Leprechauns and Snakes are running amok

edit David Peckinpah

There is only one thing that Pixies hate more than Leprechauns, and that is David Peckinpah. he is the stupid moron who tried to kill the Queen Pixie Wade, all must hate him

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