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WTF Computer Software Industries or known as WTF Software is the leading computer games entertainment that works to make the good softwares to computers. The company has established in 1987 and their games had been always success in the public market.

edit History

In 1986, the guy called Mr. Jonathan Eric Sammy David Alex Tony (or called Mr.Teo) got an idea. He wrote an idea about "what if I create the game so peoples can play it". Mr.Teo began to program their first video game which can be played on entertainment systems for 4 hours. The game caught attention to PoopCan Gaming Software Productions employees. When Mr.Teo finished working for their first video game. Mr.Teo named it Adventure of Rick The Monster To The Weirdest Cave. Then, Mr.Teo gone to the WTF Computer Software Industries headquarters in order to show their first video game to the engineers working at WTF Computer Software Industries. Mr.Teo's showing to that game was a success. WTF Computer Software Industries decides to purchase the license to be distributed as a video game for 400 dollars, and hired Mr.Teo as the employee. The first video game made by WTF Computer Software Industries has become the major success.

edit List of games

WTF Computer Software Industries has a lots of games, they are including:

  • The Dancing Banana Game, released 2009
  • LOL, released 2007
  • GAME: The Game, released 2011
  • Modem Simulation, released 2009
  • Shoot These Fuckin' Zombies, released 2010
  • Shoot These Fuckin' Zombies Second Version, released 2012
Dancing banana game

Their most popular title.

edit Future Games

  • Bakery Toaster, coming soon in 2013.

edit Advertising controversy

In 2010, the Denmark TV commercial for The Dancing Banana Game has been banned due to the craziness. The advertising shows up the normal banana dancing with the Barrel Roll music playing in the background and in the middle, the banana dances up very fast and the music also sped up, and a seconds remaining, the screen blinks white. The commercial ended with the text "The Dancing Banana Game, das neue Spiel dass Sie noch nie ausgecheckt."

In 2009, there is also an Brazil TV commercial for LOL game which is also banned. It was banned because the commercial was scary. First, the commercial started with mascot face for LOL game with speaking "Hey, do you want to come play with me. This is so exciting. Come on". Then the mascot face starts to laugh for 5 times. Then he stops to laugh for 2 seconds. At 2 seconds, the mascot face laughs again, but evil. The commercial ended with the text "The LOL Game, get laughed for yourself".

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