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Nobody plays more Foreigner, nobody! We're giving away a family four pack of tickets to see Foreigner and some other washed-up band at Blossom.

WONE-FM – branded 97.5 WONE – is a commercial album-oriented rock (AOR) radio station licensed to Akron, Ohio. Owned by Rubber City Radio Group, Inc., the station primarily serves what is left of the Akron metro area. WONE-FM is also available online if the website is operational that day.

edit History

The station signed on the air as WAKR-FM in October 1947, back when Akron was a decent place to live. Its current rock format as WONE-FM began on January 1, 1985. From then on, Ronnie James Dio was assured that there would at least be one station who will forever play his music.

edit Current programming

Rock and Roll accounts for the majority of station programming. 58% of the programming is budgeted for Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Bob Seger, Black Sabbath and Def Leppard. Per local ordinance, all songs must be played at least once per day. With the exception of Akron exiles The Black Keys, and an unfortunate foray into Nickelback in the early 2000s, nearly all music played on WONE was obtained December 31, 1984 at the ACME Click superstore on West Market Street. These compact discs were converted to MP3 in 2001 using Apple iTunes version 1.1 and are stored on one 2 GB external hard drive.

10% of radios in the Crackron area, such as those at warehouse loading docks, auto parts stores, and garages belonging to Baby boomer homeowners, are permanently tuned to WONE. The station caters heavily to Harley-Davidson motorcyclists and those who are bike-curious.

WONE-FM also serves as Akron's FM affiliate for a depressing soap opera known as The Cleveland Browns.

edit Broadcasting studios

Broadcasting studios are now located in the Akron Radio Center, also home to country music station WQMX and talk radio station WAKR. Station vehicles run as intermittently as the internet stream and are parked in the front lot.

The broadcasting tower is near the ruins of Rolling Acres Mall, and if you break into the old mall, you might as well try to climb the tower too.

edit Notable on-air personalities


Rick Allen is certainly missing out on something to be here today.

While the music could just play itself, the station actually employs humans to banter between songs. All personalities are required to cycle through a stack of note cards with every city, village, and township in Summit and Portage Counties. This means that "we're rockin' Reminderville with REO Speedwagon" is theoretically said once every 71 days.

Tim Daugherty is the Rock and Roll Authority and therefore the second most powerful person in Summit County.

TK O'Grady was formerly Production Director, formerly Program Director and formerly mid-day host. TK is known for his skillful live-reads, able to persuade listeners to drive to Stow-Kent to purchase ham at Acme, a Ford Explorer at Klaben, immediately change its oil at Lube Stop, and consume a blizzard at Dairy Queen all in the same sentence.

Sandra Miller is the top Girl Scout in Akron due to her ability to market cookies on this radio station.

Jeff Kinzbach was resurrected in 2013 from his ancient role at WMMS in Cleveland. Today he leads a morning zoo that sounds like the group of old guys that hang out at your local McDonald's every Sunday morning. Sidekick Ed Espositio editorializes the day's news, and your uncle occasionally calls in with a terrible, somewhat misogynistic Joke-of-the-Day. On Saturdays, Jeff is locked in a local Discount Drug Mart and forced to call the Akron Radio Center to describe how the store saves customers the run-around.

Rick Allen can be heard when no one else wants to show up, like overnights, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or during rare events like solar eclipses. The guy has appeared at least once on every station in Akron, Canton, and even the metropolis of Alliance. He also works with country sister station WQMX for "Rick Allen, Y'all".

Steve "The Gatekeeper" Hammond is no longer with the station and now broadcasts from Youngstown's WYFM. However, as part of his severance package he was allowed to keep his 1960s television clips and monkey sound effects from WONE. Hammond wishes it was always the weekend. It is not known, nor does anyone really want to know what must be so great about his Saturday and Sunday. To cope, The Gatekeeper calls Tuesday the "Nothingest Day of the Week", Wednesday "Hump Day", and Thursday as "Friday Eve".

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