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Uncyclopedia WHOIS query loading is COMPLETE:

       Domain ID:h4xorz-query
       Domain Name:http://www.WHOIS.com
       DNS Info : WHOIS is a internet query database  to tell you who owns a domain name or more impotently it can tell an admin  
       who the I.P. who vandalized this query really is so that the admin can actually go to his house and disable his internet   
       connection  and convince his parents to kick him out of the house and go get a life.
       Registrant: WHOIS was created on 01-Jan-1981 00:00:00 UTC to lookup the people who create and visit websites like
                   these can be given proper therapy
                   and treatment at a reliable and appropriate mental institution, or lookup trolls etc., the U.S. government
                   use it to find Child Molesters on the internet.  Unlike other tools that invade a persons privacy it can
                   publicly Queried, so anyone can lookup who you really are.
     Admin Name: name the Admin of WHOIS is the only person in the world who's I.P.  
                   address is exactly the same as his real name, it's a coincidence and he's real born that way)
     Tech and DNS support:WHOIS works by using the logical logarithms and other nonsense that is left by every I.P. that 
                         Clogs the tubes by using the small bits and pieces of data that WHOIS gets from the clean crews WHOIS is    
                          able to create a query showing who clogged the tubes so they can be arrested for the data viewed on the

This query is from the UNWHOIS database for any information regrading this query please send an to the UNWHOIS technical support group where you'll unlikely to be help since you didn't read the manual.

edit Query for Wiki site

Uncyclopedia WHOIS query loading has completely FAILED if you would like to make things worse please send us an Email!.

edit Vandal I.P.'s

Uncyclopedia WHOIS query loading is COMPLETE:

 I.P. ID:n00b
 DNS info:Just some n00b
 Registrant:Banned by UNWHOIS
 Admin Name:Banned by Hindleyite
 Expires:5 years
 Reason:Added a "B" to the AAAAAAAAA! article
 Location:Some high school
 Tech & support:Will forget about Uncyclopedia in 3 years.

edit User I.P.'s

Uncyclopedia WHOIS query loading is COMPLETE:

I.P. ID:"Why do you people care about me"
DNS Info:Where all on the internet come form
Registrant:Oscar Wilde has always been the ultimate source of quotes
Query Quote:I knew I should've gotten a dyamic I.P.
                 Oscar Wilde on WHOIS

DNS Info:"The source of all quotes"
Tech and DNS support:Quote him using {{Wilde|{{1}}|{{2}}} tag.
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