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Vocab in it's true form.

Vocab is the STUPIDEST thing in the world. Who ever got the motherfuckin' idea to make such a piece of shit? Vocab has since then become sexually oriented. Some words were "elargir" and "durcir" (both french verbs) which is suggesting that you should get erect. You start with a bunch of retarded french words on a sheet which you then have to get the meaning and then memorize the meaning all in one boring fucking week. The words are completly irrelevant. It's like asking kids to have the letters "fuck" in order every sentence at least twice. Which I will now do. Vocab was fucking probably invented by Satin") as noboby on this fucking planet would make this shit up. Although rumors are going around that the fucking bastard who invented this is stalking me right now, and you too so you better watch out unless you want to be fucked by the only thing more disgusting than shit mixed with elephant jizz.

edit What's in a shitty name?


Looks like little Pablo doesn't realise that sucks!!! is right above his head and right below vocab - becomes standard whenever you write Vocab, or Vocabulary.

Shit is slang for Vocab, but Vocab is short for "Vocabulaire" (a.k.a. the english word Vocabulary, or in pig latin ocabulary SHITSIT-FUCKITY-YUCKITY!). It is gramatically impossible to use Vocab and fun in the same sentence without the prefix "isn't" which in this case isn't becomes a prefix. There is just no other way.

edit Thank god: a SHORT history

Well, it seems like this pestilence is pretty new. No, not newer than the Swine Flu, caused by swines a.k.a. fat-ass pigs, probably like the person who invented Vocab, and probably newer than your mom, since you are still living with her. Said to have evolved from "Dictee", another retarded french test on words, you are required to also write down the meaning. You also have to get the meaning and write it down; and also have to guess if it's le ou la, ("le" is masculin, "la" is feminin) which is a step-up from Dictee. The only way to thwart the having to know if the word is masculin or feminin, is to memorize the numbers of the words that are feminin. Of course, the teacher could completly FUCK YOU UP by "accidentaly" skipping a word then saying "Oops, I missed a word!" prompting you to come up with a complex mathematical solution to this motherfucking problem. Vocab is also a step-up from "Dictee" because it uses obsolete words from medieval times promting you to look in the book for the fucking meaning instead of using Google translate(c)(r)(tm) to translate the words. Vocab will go down in history as a FUCKITY-UCKITY douche. Just as it just did. History repeats itself. Vocab will go down in history as a FUCKITY-UCKITY douche.

edit Cheating: The art

Although I have NOT tried it myself, I have a few tips on how to cheat:

  1. Cough or sneeze when it's a feminin word
  2. Fuck the teacher so he/she will give you bonus points
  3. Hide the Vocab sheet handout UNDERNEATH the piece of paper you are doing Vocab on
  4. Write the words on yourself- make sure the teacher doesn't see it
  5. If your teacher lets students type in the marks, vollunteer do get the marks. it wouldn't hurt to change your mark, now would it?
  6. Just tell him you got a higher mark than you actually did
  7. Write out a perfect Vocab test the day before, then hide it under a piece of paper that will be your dummy Vocab, when correction time comes give the correcter the Vocab you did the night before

edit Sexuality


Where Vocab belongs.

Vocab is a heshe, meaning that Vocab is such a whore that it has two (2) sexualities. Instead of one, why not two? Also, bedwise, the words always seem to be on top, with the paper on the bottom. Good reasoning because if it were the other way around, the paper would crush the ink. But then again that would be better because the ink would suffocate meaning it would be a blank piece of paper. Too bad.

edit Geography???

Ok seriously, does this article need geography? Well, the answer is yes so suck it up (that's what she said). The location of Vocab is normally in Satin's lair, where Satin fucks it all day, until it gets summonned by your teacher which in this case it should go up their ass!

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