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The truth about the virtual console is this: It's virtual! You buy the console, then you get the VIRTUAL experience of setting it up and playing it, when in fact, you are not playing it at all!

Whatever consolation there is in it, is purely virtual.

Virtual Defined: Noun Not physically existing as such, but made by software to make it seem like a good reason to spend 10 big ones on another re-tread of Super Mario 64.

List of Games for 2006



Sega arcade games

Sega Saturn

Windows 3.1


Any other systems have been deleted. Sorry.

Other Stuffs

There are many other uses for the Wii Viirtual Console. Like using the soon-to-bii-able-to-bii-downloaded internet channel to find porn and watch it on the big screen. Yeah. That's about it. Sorry. But hey, you can spend a fortune re-purchasing your old game library. That's... fun, and it supports Nintendo. Besides, you gotta have SOME games on this system.

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