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edit Villuverlimin (WYMM)

  • Pronounced (/ˈwilːyooːmar-eeːmee/ or /wɪl-yʊ-mær I-mi/) is a costly but powerful medication for female after having dated for a while. In the western world, it is often spelled as Willyoumarryme. This drug is usually followed with another drug called Andkatshmont pronounced (/'ɪnˈgeɪdʒmənt'/).
  • The medication could be very costly and often not covered by insurance, which could cost an arm and a leg. Although very expensive, it has been believed to be man's sole responsibility to spend on this medication. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check your wallet first before spending on this medication.

edit History

  • Customs for giving the medication vary according to time, place, and culture. But traditionally, it was thought to believe that the first discovery of Villuverlimin have begun in 1477 when Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, gave Mary of Burgundy the drug. And thanks to Maximilian I, all the men follow the path/asked to follow by presenting the medication as a sign of a successful relationship.

edit Structure

Villuverlimin is mainly composed of heavy metal and carbon. A simple diagram below illustrates the structure of Villuverlimin. Although it is composed of Carbon, it gives a shinny look, which females usually find it very comfortable after taking this medication.

     Pt-/     \-Pt
    Pt-/       \-Pt
    Pt-\       /-Pt
     Pt-\     /-Pt

edit Active Ingredient

  • The active Ingredient of Villuverlimin is Carbon (C). Measuring unit provided by GIA and AGSL are generally available from 0.1C to as much as the fourth finger of the left hand can handle. The inactive ingredients vary among Platinum (Pt), Gold (Au), Nickel (Ni) or Palladium (Pd). However, inactive ingredients place an important role in the drug. The heavier the metal, the better effect could be achieved.
  • The amount of Active Ingredient required to achieve the desired result varies among patient and it is advised to consult with the patient before prescribing. Usually, overdosed amount is recommended while under-dosage may result in rejection and loss of money and time.

edit Adverse effects

  • Villuverlimin appears to have the lowest incidence of side effects. However, this only holds true at alerted scenario before actually taking the dose of Villuverlimin, so over-the-counter preparations of Villuverlimin are generally labeled to advise a maximum dose of once in a lifetime.
  • Common adverse effects: Tearing, temporarily dizziness, rigorous blood flow to brain, temporarily speechless, shortness of breath and emotional disruption.
  • Infrequent adverse effects: Headache, confusion, self denial or vomiting (which is then advised not to take the medication). Person with a weak heart may result in heart failure.
  • With such dramatic effects on females, data shows that it has almost no side effects to men.

edit Direction

This particular drug is for external use, it has no smell, no taste, but there were cases showing people swallow it and that usually is considered as an accident. Keep the drug out of reach from anybody else except the lady you are planning to prescribe it to. It is traditional for the man to prescribe to his girlfriend, as opposed to the other way around, while literally kneeling before her, and sometimes physically putting the medication on the fourth finger of her left hand, as opposed to merely giving it to her. Often the event is a surprise and happens privately. There were occasions in history when applying the medication publicly and that achieved unexpected (successful and unsuccessful) result.

One Knee

A traditional one knee way to present the drug

There are also different ways to present the medication instead of the traditional one-knee posture. Putting the medication inside some food or drink is common but there are considerable amount of risk if hiding the medication inside a cake, resulting in swallowing the drug.


A typical example of a careless patient who did not pay attention to the direction on how to take Villuverlimin

Even though it is completely harmless, the retrieval of the drug could be either in a painful surgical way or a more dirty daily life way. Although the drug could be reapplied, it could cause quite a bit of embarrassment.

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