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A Video File(avi. file) is the most deadly virus ever can be found on any regular PC. It's believed that the serial killer Video who was the coder of this virus, but also she was fairly supported by the evil Microsoft company. During the release of the evil graphical operating system, the Windows 3.1, Microsoft intended to copy the original variant of this virus on the diskettes; yet succeeded; so it's first appearance showed up on many computers on earth. Video, herself, decided to carry her name for the infinity, saw the bright light of the computers, and told Microsoft that she can support their evil plots. Since Microsoft was aware of the deadly forces of Video, they agreered it at the first hearing.

edit Spreading through the World

When Windows arrived at our computers, and we installed it and saw a very useless program of Media Player. Since, we keep telling that computers and what video at that time, we kept ignoring this stupid intention ("foreseeing" for Microsoft) and kept using the Windows. But therefore appeared the evil plan of Video, the Video CDs appeared on the markets, including this deadly virus on them. With an AVI accelerator graphics card, you were able to watch the tranquilizing visions of Video, and also unaware of copying the virus on your PC. With this accelerator card's hardware abilities, the virus can quickly take over your PC and create a huge file on your hard disk.

edit The Virus(avi. files)

During the years of mid-90s, a PC with the Video Virus seemed to be "cool" just because of the hallucinating vision waves of the virus itself. Many users were tricked to buy the accelerator cards as well, to better watch the movie and receive the gifts of the virus. Thanks to Intel at that time, keeping the Pentium processors' prices at all time high, 3rd World Countries weren't effected of this virus at all.

edit Effect of the Internet

Microsoft at that time, very proud of the large operation range of the virus, came to thinking of spreading it for the future. With this foreseeing skill they released an evil browser named Internet Explorer 3.0 for free. This seemed a fine strategy for the customer satisfaction, but not only they are satisfied, also infected..

With the 56K technology for the beginning, the virus spread while it can but the users, simply not visiting the sites which included the virus. Also an organization founded to post the virus infected sites to public on the web, named as The Worst 50 Toplist. It was also the first time that a toplist was made. After this, Microsoft tried the old strategy, and gave a lot of money to the MPEG company to make a better variation of the Video Virus.

edit The Second Wave Attack!

With the help of the MPEG's lower costs of file size, virus can be easily be buried into the file, so the users were gone mad again and downloaded the videos for free. Personal sites helped for it, just because everybody that time needed to show up their stupid lives to everyone. But the most powerful effect was, of course the porn industry on web, supported the deployment with lots of preview video files, more girls, and more preview video files. An average teenage body that time needed around 3 different girls' previews for a single 24 hours. With videos and videos, the video files got larger and larger on the hard disks. And that unlucky day had come, a parent of an average teenager opened the PC and tried to make a document for work, surprisingly saw that there is no hard drive space required to save the file. Wondered how the hard disk got filled up, the folders, even the most secret porn archive folder couldn't hold the videos up, appeared in the very eyes of the parent. Being shocked by this sick log jamming event vision, the parent scolded solicihis/her child then banned interned until eternity and started the find out the source of this evil spread. That unnamed parent, who he/she is a legendary character today, also, then founded the Open Source Organization and the Source Forge website.

edit War Against the Virus

After discovering the source, hopeless struggle took a half a minute and ended with turning off the PC. The virus was an unbeatable opponent at that time, so it was secretly supported by the users worldwide. An anti-video file organization then founded quickly, and spend a complete year of thinking how to stop this evil activity. After a year and a day, which was a Christmas Eve, they came with a final idea, that not to kill the virus but decrease the effect. Immediately, most talented Open Source programmers started to work to weaken the video files. Then they came up with the technic that shrinks the video files. Then it named as the "Video Compression", which also gave a thought of "if you can't beat it, you may SMALLER it". That slogan then converted to "size does matter". A secret weapon for to do so, named XviD then developed. But it could never was able to go into the public. American Secret Service agents cracked the door, who were got sick of the coffee, and discovered that a Video Compression technology has finished recently, killed everyone in the room, got the only copy of the XviD, smashed the PC until it's "dead" and also killed the "Parent".

Microsoft then released THEIR technology called DivX under a name of a minor software group of students. The DivX was a first time free software, really compresses the video files to minimum, but also helping this secret strategy. Users were mad again for a second time, since they could save a two times less time to get four times more porn previews also they cost six times less hard drive space. Then the CEO of Microsoft, sir Steve Ballmer laughed and said the magic word that started the internet craziness, "OMG FOKKORZ WE PWN YA ALL 4 TEH TH1S TIME!". And so on, every teenager with an average appearance and condition, became an addict of the internet today.

edit Situation Today

With the improved technology we use to connect internet nowadays, nobody really cares about the virus. It became widely known, that Microsoft actually was behind this thing, also stealing the weapon that could destroy their own evil plot, also still supporting this evil activity; now there aren't really opposers for the video file virus. Even though, the P2P network developed to fight against the Microsoft takeover by spreading free Linux now serves as a video file sharing portal. With been fucked by the virus times and times again, the users made Seagate a lot more rich, also demanded new storage technologies like USB disks and now, ESATA interface. At the other hand, some users think that giving any fuck to this virus is nonsense, so stopped compressed the video files, and now having uncompressed video files with VOB format. Then this mad joint named as the "lossless compression method" by the Open Source organization legally taken over by IBM; now we keep installing the CODECs on our computers to receive every kind of the video virus. They keep improving in the file sizes today, but we also keep downloading, filling up the drives we have, and emptying our wallets for a digital takeover.

edit The Future

It was easily could be FORESEED by Microsoft that this data madness with never ever stop until the all material used to make data storage media deplete. Just because Microsoft finally gave in a demand of building an iNuke can shoot a meteor passing nearby of the Earth, so the meteors rain we receive will surely delete every data on the disks we have. With this no-longer-secret-plan-of-Microsoft-had-to-be-kept-from-Apple-to-learn; Microsoft will finally take over the World with a secret, developing technology will be the only place the digital data will be kept; The Microsoft Vault 1.0, 2.0, 3.1, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and finally Microsoft Vault Vista. I am proud of declaring this evil plot, and see you in heaven. soliciting magical cows are for the weak and lonley

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