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Video Game Controversy has existed ever since the days of the first video game, Pong, which came out in 1958 or 1959. The video game destruction group includes morons and idiots such as Jack Thompson, Hilary Clinton, Joe Lieberman; membership has steadily increased since conception and now stands at around 1 billion. Video games have been criticized for the following reasons:

  1. Clowns have turned into gay homosexuals over the years.
  2. Children farting on their grandfathers.
  3. Violent video games are believed, by lawyers, to turn children into lesbians and homosexuals. That means they're really gay.

edit Lawyers and Politicians

edit Hillary Clinton

Once again, another debating lesbian with fart problems. She often screams out in the public society, "I'm going to kick your ass!" Many people doubt Hilary, due to the fact that she goes crap in her pants every time she makes out with Bill Clinton. She's awfully insane with her desperation for sex all the time. She's also considered to be an insane redneck lady from the Rocky Mountains.

edit Joe Lieberman

Some lawyer or politician from Connecticut who is some completely drunk fatass. What he does is that he goes on these weight training programs so he can lose his ass once and for all. He's insane as well, in which at one of his meetings several months ago, he claimed that he's had sex with clowns and he also said he likes men. So basically, this guy in one weird homosexual. He was so glad when the ESRB was formed, in which he was flying in the air and kissing men on his way up there. He also has this really fanatic upsession with monkies and gorillas. To conclude this summary, he's a fag from Connecticut who celebrated and had sex with clowns when the ESRB was formed.

edit Video Games that get criticized

edit Grand Theft Auto

One true face about this game is that it's been criticized for years. No kidding. Like for example when Jack Thompson started peeing on a donkey when he saw the game being played. These drunk politicians criticize Grand Theft Auto for all the wrong reasons, which includes humping the video game system, guns inside the game, etc. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the only loved Grand Theft Auto game, because it contains ultra sexy ladies in Miami that the politicians can't resist looking at. Because of this controversy, the Rockstar North company located in Edinburgh, Scotland, is scheduled to be destroyed in 1 month!

The newest instalment to the series, Grand Theft Auto Saint's Row, to be released for the XBOX 360, is expected to up the quantity of violent bloodshed and murderous rape to nearly noticeable levels. rockstar north is prepared to accept full responsibility for the slaughter of the masses in the name of this totem of knowledge and enlightenment.

edit Halo

Seriously, the lawyers love this game, but the politicians hate it. It's about this marine in a green shit suit named Master Beef, who's on a mission to save the world and have sex with Cortana at the end. They believe that the sexual intercourse between Cortana and Master Beef is going to be so dangerous and sexy that the politicians want to rip all the Halo copy game discs in half, much like they wanna do with L.A. Lakers star, Kobe Bryant. It's going to be so sexy at the end!

edit Mario

WTF??!! They believe Mario is violent? Well, due to the fact that lawyers and politicians hate violence, it's too damn violent for them. It's because the whole entire time, Mario uses his unique jump abilities to kill these shit blobs named goombas, and the koopas, which is Latin for hoopas, which means "homo-sexual turtle". Mario also wants to have sex with Princess Peaches, which people think she's a hot lesbian. Mario's on an ultimate quest to destroy this retarded beast named Bowser, in which Mario has this strange desire to masturbate himself every time he beats Bowser. Lawyers and Politicians hate Mario because they believe that Mario's in love with Michael Jackson!

--> Perhaps Mario gets placed under this category of violence because clearly someone has mistaken him for some kind of perv! It's quite clear that Mario, is one of the least provocative games out there for children to be playing. I would rather see, (when I have children), for then to be playing this bobble character opposed to Grand Theft Auto where the main character is aloud to pick up prostitutes and molest them in the back seat of a stolen car. Mario teaches kids to collect golden coins, jump over green stools and collect mushroom in-order to make him grow. Perhaps parents think that it's magic mushrooms or something rather! What is wrong with parents thinking that it is a explict game? All in all, Mario is a wonderful game and him jumping and sliding down a pole at the end is not a stripper move, so get your mind out of the gutter.

edit Bully

This is about some fucked up kid in this place called the Bullworth academy and he must confront and beat up different kids and pee on hideous school teachers. Although the game wasn't released yet, lawyers and politicians were forced to believe that this game should never be released. It had to be released because the only reason why they are doing that is because they are always those drunk bastards who make-out with lesbians and they fall in love and once again get drunk.

edit Killer 7

This game is about this assassin who turns into these 7 dangerous, sexy alter-egos. One of them is where they turn into a fart machine and spread gas all over the place. The second one is where it turns into a lesbian and attracts enemy forces. The third one is where it transforms into Chuck Norris and makes love for no reason. The fourth one is a mentally-retarded geeky kid where he swings bats. The fifth one is where it turns into Chewbacca and acts like a homo-sexual for no reason. The sixth one is where it turns into this nude lady and uses pee as a weapon. The seventh and final one is where it turns into George Washington and fires his machine-gun 24/7. Lawyers, like Jack Thompson, hate this game because they think it turns kids into absolutely crude homo-sexuals and makes them violent, and it's not true!

edit The Rest of the Games

The list gets up to about infinity until the big-hand touches the little-hand on the clock and lawyers and politicians are complete homo-sexuals and lesbians themselves and want to make-out with Chuck Norris. One of the games, for me to remind you, is about this man named James Lesbian, code-named 008, is out to save lesbians from being demolished from this Earth.

edit Persona 4

One of the usable characters, Kanji Tatsumi, was a delinquent guy who's muscular and trying hard to be manly but was secretly gay. He dreams of having pederastic relations with a Naoto Shirogane, the detective prince who happens to be a cross-dressing female who wants her sex changed.

edit The Future of Video Games and Homo Sexuals


You're going to see these hot lesbians fight for once.

The future looks pretty damn dark for video games, because the freaking lawyers and politicians want to either destroy video games once and for all or turn them into gay entertainment. Soon, there is to be nuclear war between politicians and lawyers versus the video game pussys. The pussy team in the future is going to try all it can to destroy the annoying, gay Jack Thompson and those evil legislation groups so that video games won't be homo-sexual any more. In the future in which this "nuclear" war is going to occur, your going to see a lot of lesbian play-dolls, vegetables, and gay-bombs being used all over the place.

edit Future of Lesbians

I don't know, many people sure think lesbians are hot, but they might lose. This is due to the fact that men have the power of homo-sexuality on this planet and lesbians are a bit inexperienced. They'll use their attractive lesbian-bombs, which is the main producer of lesbians on this planet. But many people have to understand that lesbians share history of the planet Earth, and they are too fucking hot to be lost in some kind of a war.

edit The Future of Homo-Sexual Men

Unfortunately, the stupid, fucking retarded gay animals of this planet are going to win the fight against lesbians, but they might not win against the politicians and the lawyers. The best prediction is that Team Pussy will probably win this gay war, in which Jack Thompson, after the war, will bring a huge army of clowns and donkies to go destroy the remaining pests in his way. So homo-sexual men won't lose first, but they'll lose. Go Team Pussy!

edit Future of Politicians and Lawyers

Damn bitches. These guys and lesbian-like people are going to win, and that possibly can't be true. But the reason why they'll win is that Jack Thompson recently equipped himself with an army of gay clowns and donkies to help them finish off the war. Hilary Clinton alongside will use an army of disguise-lesbians equipped with machine guns, while Joe Lieberman equipped himself with Michael Jackson. WTF??!! Joe Lieberman equipped himself with Michael Jackson as his only weapon? He reminds everybody of Chuck Norris. Just kidding about the Chuck Norris thing! lol

edit The Future of All Video Games

Because the homo-sexuals lose the war, the politicians and lawyers decide to honour and remember the gay fags and decide to make video games gay. Because of this, video game sales go way down, in which Jack Thompson will soon pursue his ultimate dream of destroying video games once and for all. If video game sales go bankrupt, the Lawyers and Politicians will decide to celebrate for years, and be naked.

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