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“Her greatest asset is her ass.”
~ Robert Frost on Vida Guerra's ass
“I would never give you up, I would never let you down!!”
~ Rick Astley on Vida Guerra

edit Biography

Born in March the 19th, 1974, Vida Guerra is an American actress/model that has born in Cuba and with 6 years old moved out to New Jersey.

She always wanted to be a model. As every honest citizen, she needed to start from down below her career and achievement of dreams.


And what man wouldn't be proud of a daughter like this...

Again, as any other citizen, there was the need (thus the idea) of getting done on the parades. With that in mind, Vida Guerra and her father started the campaign to market her image.

After many tries to reach success, appealing to photoshopped images, singing in diners, and anything else you can think of, Vida Guerra and her friends Britney Spears, together with Paris Hilton, launched a campaign in the media: Showing panties. The success was so large, that it is used until today when a celebrity starts to lose it's fame. Another fact, was her leaked cellphone pictures, to be found elsewhere today. Adding to that, Playboy magazine called her someday and maybe you can find her Playboy too.

As tendency of success, now our friend here hosts a tv show in north-american television, one of those sitcoms I never heard of because I live in a hell hole away from the civilized world.

She is most know for her nice ass. Which men around the world masturbate to, and what an ass it is. It's so unbelievable nice that she only models her ass, since men are perfectly find jacking off to just that feature of her.

edit Repercution

Now very happy with the results, Vida Guerra takes a good life. Her friends and her stopped doing those things in the media, and are now acting pretty maturely (and how mature is that, man !! Wow). She now thinks about having kids and moving to North Dakota, Bismarck, to visit her long time friends Daniel Walthers (the Tourettes Guy, Internet phenomenon, artist and now retired sedentary).

Her plans also include to keep on doing that program on tv, turning to be a famous singer and accepting her father's excuse when the same has been caught abusing of Kitten Huffing.

Since 2003 she has been taking ass shaking lessons by another famous Latina vixen Jennifer Lopez. Vida then hopes to take over the title of greatest ass in the world from current and ten time champion Shakira.

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