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Velvet Revolver
Origin Los Angeles, California, USA
Genre(s) Hard Rock, Acid Rock, Crack Rock, Experimental
Years active 2004 - 2008
Label(s) Sony BMG
Matt Sorum
Duff McKagan
Dave Kushner
Former members
Scott Weiland

Velvet Revolver, named after a popular children's toy that fires real bullets, and commonly known as the most drugged out band of the 2000's, was initially formed in 1998, with the lineup being completed a few years later through the addition of Scott Weiland. Approximately one year after the demise of Stone Temple Pilots, in 2003. With the departure of Weiland a few more years later, various miscellaneous other band members now contain everyone from Guns N' Roses who's name wasn't Axl Rose, and Dave Kushner. Whoever the hell he is.

Because they spent most of their time doing the obvious throughout their time together, their creative spark and productivity level was considerably low. But the two CD's that they did manage to release were well-received by critics and fans, alike. Especially in favor of Slash's "uber-1337" guitar playing, and the thought-provoking insight in Weiland's lyrics (ex. "Every time I'm falling down, all alone I fall to pieces..."). It was a winning formula. But, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end somehow. Or so they say. And that's why, in the spring of 2008, Scott left the band and everybody went their separate ways. For the time being. The fact that he was, once more, headed to rehab, the Stone Temple Pilots were reforming, and he was making a solo album still spell out the same thing.

edit Origins and Heroin (1998 - 2003)

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Guns N' Roses had been at odd's end with each other for some time by 1998, due primarily to singer Axl Rose's struggle with Tourette's Syndrome, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Slash, now taking control of the rest of the remaining lineup, decided to continue with his own fantasies to become "bigger than Gn'R". So, therefore, they spent this five year period practicing. And honing in on their skills. As soon as the band were able to move on from their little tykes instruments they'd purchased from Toys Я Us (since Axl claimed ownership of the ones they used on their previous albums in an earlier lawsuit), they recruited Scott Weiland from the now-defunct Stone Temple Pilots, and in 2003, went into the studio to record their first album, based off the band's experimentation with drugs. It would be called Heroin. It broke big, and they made millions on top of the millions they'd already had. They were happier than Michael Jackson on a playground at recess.

edit Freedom and the Departure of Weiland (2004 - 2008)

After being listed in Forbe's Magazine following the release of Heroin, on the Top 5 Rich Ass Bands You Wish You Were In But Will Never Be In Because You Suck list, conducting more interviews with the press than Axl Rose ever would have, and going on one of the highest financed musical tours of 2004 and 2005, the band had been raking in even more success, twice as much money, and not to mention, drugs. Just as Slash had fantasized. And so they celebrated. Drugging themselves out all the way up to their sophomore album, Freedom. Released in 2007 to strong critical praise. Though fans didn't exactly respect the new approach they took. Nevertheless, they embarked another tour throughout 2007 and 2008 that grossed just as high as the first one. Things seemed to be riding high for the band, once more. Then the inevitable happened.

Near the end of the band's last concert on April Fools Day, 2008, millions of unsuspecting fans who had attended first got the biggest laugh of their lives when Scott Weiland announced "this will be the last Velvet Revolver show. Ever." Just seconds later, that laughter took a turn for the worst when Weiland followed it up with "I'm serious. It's over between us. I'm sick of the drugs, I'm sick of these stupid songs... I'm sick of it all. I want to do my own thing. I want to go back to my family, and leave this all behind." Everybody in the building began throwing stuff up at the stage, crying, screaming obscenities, and running towards the door in herds. The dense ones in the crowd reportedly stayed behind, and waited for Scott to yell out "APRIL FOOLS!". When they refused to move, they were arrested and booked for soliciting.

However, little did anyone know that he wished to release his second solo CD that year. Or that the ones Scott considered his family were none other than the Stone Temple Pilots. Who released their CD, Eponymous Hippopotamus in 2010.

edit Hiatus, Failed Auditions and the Return of Weiland (2009 - Present)

In 2009, following their widely assumed demise, it was reported that the band were looking for a replacement for Scott Weiland. Holding talent shows in the most prominent jails all across the Los Angeles area, as well as crack houses, alleyways, and motels. According to the band, these efforts have proven to be "completely fruitless". However, they also made it clear at the time that they would "not stop looking until we've searched the last possible place that we can, without getting ourselves killed in the process. Finding a proper singer to replace Scott has been a challenge, but despite our shortcomings, we will prevail."

In June 2010, Velvet Revolver added a poll on their website asking the fans "who will be the next Scott Weiland?". Only four people voted. Regardless, the band went with the highest common denominator, and in 2011, auditioned psychosocial Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, and the Malcolm X of Generation X himself, Lenny Kravitz. For unknown reasons, however, this failed. As did their most recent audition with candidate Jimmy Gnecco.

On January 12, 2012, Velvet Revolver and Scott Weiland reunited for a one-off performance, honoring the memory of the late, great Conan O'Brien, who was brutally murdered by NBC executives in 2010, at the order of Jay Leno and his chin of doom. A slight glimmer of hope in the beginning for the group, who have been down and out these last few years, performing the concert touched Weiland so much apparently that he "just could not face returning again." Shortly afterward, adding insult to injury, Weiland was seen backstage shooting up by a hysterical fan who then, according to another eyewitness account, proceeded to join him. The band, who were presented with this on top of everything else, were, as quoted, "beside themselves." Weiland would later be fired from Stone Temple Pilots in 2013 due to his predictably unpredictable actions.

Inconsolable, yet determined, the surviving members of Velvet Revolver, to this day, continue to tread on, paying no regard to their own aforementioned shortsightedness, nor their lack of a foreseeable future.

edit Discography

Predating the band's breakup in 2008, they released two studio albums. A third, rumored to be in the works, never surfaced due to the bands collective drug habits, as well as Scott Weiland's eventual departure where he regrouped with his old Stone Temple Pilots buddies. And got fired. Issues finding a replacement in Velvet Revolver's own outfit, in turn, have equally proven unsuccessful, and in some cases, even fatal.

edit Heroin (2004)

1. Shooting Up In The Back Of The Train
2. Stay Sober For The Kids
3. Welcome To The Machine (Pink Floyd cover)
4. Why's It Gotta Be Illegal?
5. Tabloid Spectacle
6. Fall To Pieces
7. Spacehead
8. (This Cocaine Makes Me Feel) Superhuman
9. I Want To Break Free (Queen cover)
10. You've Got No Right To Keep Me Detained, Officer
11. Slither The Needle Under The Skin
12. Dirty Paraphernalia
13. I Feel Like A Fucking Alien...

edit Freedom (2007)

1. Roll Another Joint
2. She High
3. (Don't Forget To) Lock The Door
4. Writer's Block (Need My Fix)
5. My Last High
6. Pills, Demons, Etc.
7. America The Beautiful
8. Mary-Jane
9. Just Sixteen (But I Don't Care)
10. Can't Get Caught With This In My Hand
11. For A Friend... Really
12. It's Almost Like My Mind Has Been Neutered
13. One Foot In The Grave / Dimebag (Hidden Track)

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