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edit iVandal

The iVandal is a peculiar breed of vandal. This breed of the vandal species takes advantage of the Apple inspired iSomething and mac fandom to find ways to draw more vandals to your wiki. This breed of vandal is considered more of a scout type of vandal than as a attack type as they are deficient in the use of proxies and are easily terminated.

edit I R Vandal

The I R Vandal is a extremely rare type of vandal brought in by spam exchanges between the mid-west and eastern Atlantic drifters. Contrary to popular belief, the I R Vandal breed does not take it's origins from the R in the company name "Toys R Us", but rather adopts the name out of fandom of the classic cartoon series "I R Baboon". The I R Vandal breed is commonly identified by their tendency to join chats and in loud ALL CAPS while violating other parts of net-etiquette, proclaim themselves to be a vandal. The I R Vandal does have a limited relation to it's cousin, the iVandal, while they rarely meet there have been exchanges of genetics in the past between the two breeds. Contrary to the name, the I R Vandal is actually part of the Troll species rather than the Vandal species.

edit Vandals R Us

Vandals R Us is a cabalistic corporation which emerged out of the vandal networks' need for more effective ways of vandalism. With the efficiency of blocking and anti spam systems rising, Vandals R Us attempted to counteract this trend behind the scenes with the introduction of new services such as TOR, and 4Chan.

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