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Welcome to the Uncyclopedia Votes for Highlight page. To nominate an article, type the name into the box below and follow the directions.
  • Vote for an article you find excellent.
  • Previous featured articles can be found in the VFH archive.
  • Voters: don't be dicks and do be constructive with criticism. Writers: Don't be prima donnas. Be open to criticism.
  • Nominations of articles from all namespaces (including UnNews, UnTunes, HowTo, UnBooks, etc.) are welcomed.
  • If a nomination disappears from this page, it is likely to be found in either the recently featured or recently failed nomination lists.
  • If your article doesn't make it to the front page, don't despair. It may be eligible to be Quasi-featured so long as it meets certain criteria.
Any and all violators of policy will be forced to clear a minefield with a mallet.

View recent changes for VFH. Deleted entries might still appear on this list. Purge.

Current nominations

# Article Score Nominator Nom age Health
1. CTRL-SHIFT-QQ (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 1 ( 2 / 1 )sm=n Atomicdragon136 35 dayssm=n 3%
2. The 9/11 Commission Report (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 1 ( 1 / 0 )sm=n Irritable of contents 69 dayssm=n 1%
3. Gul Dukat (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 1 ( 1 / 0 )sm=n Starboard Travels 76 dayssm=n 1%
4. Friedrich Nietzsche (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 3 ( 3 / 0 )sm=n CrappyUncyclopedian1111 92 dayssm=n 3%
5. EMen: The Dating service for women (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 1 ( 1 / 0 )sm=n Irritable of contents 113 dayssm=n 1%

Want a feature that lets you mark the articles you've already voted on? Follow the instructions here to enable it.

Nominate an article

You (yes, you!) can nominate an article for featuring. To do so, put its name (or article name (2nd nomination) if it's been nominated before) into the box below, press Nominate, and follow the instructions on the next page. Simple!

VFH is not a discussion page. If you'd like constructive criticism for your article, please submit it to Uncyclopedia:Pee Review.

Old VFH archives

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