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No taste

Clearly after randomly deleting my article for world-renowned crapitalist John D. Rockefeller, you have no taste for good journalism! I will see you in hell.--ComradeSlice 05:37, December 3, 2010 (UTC)

That page was rather short. I can recreate it for you if you'd like to expand it. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 05:39, December 3, 2010 (UTC)
I was hoping it could be appended over time by various communist contributors, but by all means recreate it. I'll add more content. --ComradeSlice 05:41, December 3, 2010 (UTC)
Okay. I've added a {{WIP}} tag to your article. Please remove it when you feel that the article is finished. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 05:46, December 3, 2010 (UTC)
Thank you very much, Comrade. --ComradeSlice 05:48, December 3, 2010 (UTC)
And that should do it for now. Tell me if it's good enough to remove the WIP. --ComradeSlice 06:19, December 3, 2010 (UTC)
The article is still very short compared to standard Uncyclopedia article length. If you're looking for users to help you write the article you might want to try using the Village Dump. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 06:25, December 3, 2010 (UTC)


The world is forever in your debt. If you're interested, you can also vote at Uncyclopedia:Top10 10/Nov, for great justice and stuff. Sir SockySexy girls Mermaid with dolphin Tired Marilyn Monroe (talk) (stalk)Magnemite Icons-flag-be GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY PotM WotM 19:22, 5 December 2010

Instead of doing something productive...

I have come to demonstrate what a terrible mistake you made voting for me for UotM last month. Really, I do not understand what you possibly could have been thinking, but what is done is done, and now I suppose I should be gracious and attempt to thank you, or something. As I do not know how to be gracious, however, I will instead give you a carefully chosen line of Madness, for you to keep as your very own:

Zombiebaron zombiebaron zombiebaron. Zombiebaron, zombiebaron!

Yes, I took one of your own lines out of the Madness and gave it back. So shoot me. Anyhow, UotM needs more love this month, of course, but as I am indeed here to be a terribly useless lump, instead of imploring you to vote for a rather wonderful fellow who should have gotten it last month, I'll just end now and sign this with a signature that has, indeed, been confirmed to be... er, against policy, or something. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy Major Pleb Sir LyrithyaAthyriaIsarraHaydrahlienne - 'Destroyer of the Wiki' - MUN OUN CUN KUN DUN GUN *shifty eyes* (zombiebaron) • (dr. skullthumper) • (roman dog bird) • (nachlader) • (frosty) • (more zombiebaron) • (talk) • (stalk) • (block) • (log) • (list) • WotMUotMRotMPotMUGotM x4 • SotMFFSNOMMotMBFF x2 • GSA x2 • PSFiyCMDTop3 x3 • Top10VFH x15 • VFP x3.5 • HoSTAWHMCPEEINGPRSPCURCΥΣΣICZB -- 21:45, 9 December, 2010 (UTC)

You don't need to thank me. And, in fact, thanking me for voting for things is a bannable offense. I like your new signature. I think it's funny that you are now "Sir Lyrithya". -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 03:06, December 10, 2010 (UTC)
Then why am I not banned, eh? Naw, you're too cuddly to ban me. You are!
And why, thank you. It's my let's irritate people signature. I copied it off Illogicopedia and tried to make it fit here, but Uncyclopedia is just so... different. O_o Especially when it comes to acronyms and awards and it... this place has pages about what can and cannot go in signatures, and where in the signatures it goes and... just... it... why?!
Although the sir/dame thing is random - half the time, it says sir, half the time, dame. And why not? Some people still haven't figured out what a right lady I am... 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 03:35, 10 December, 2010
The only rule that matters about signatures is the size rules. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 03:46, December 10, 2010 (UTC)
Good, since I kind of glazed over and didn't even bother with the rest... then I ignored that, too. *beams* I did ask Mordillo, though. He did say it was too long like this, at least after a fashion... ignoring admins is fine as long as I only do it sporadically, right? 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 03:57, 10 December, 2010
You should never ignore an administrator. Everything we say is serious, true, and definitely not a joke. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 04:17, December 10, 2010 (UTC)
Except that, of course. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 04:25, 10 December, 2010

I dub thee

AristocratTurkey01 Aristocrat en Regalia
This person is the winner of the Aristocrat's Ball, which they won for their article: User:Zombiebaron/wip/UnBooks:The Children's Guide to Your First School Shooting

--ChiefjusticeXBox 16:27, December 10, 2010 (UTC)

Good marrow!

Hello Zombiebaron. I need you to make some pictures for me. For UnBooks:Let's take a walk in the city! A childrens picture book. I promise if the articles win an award of any kind I'll give you half credit. So anyway, I need a moving gif somone reaching out and changing the radio. But only the hand. I would prefer it the hand was real though. So kinda like this:


But not this one because it needs to be a male hand.

I also need a speech bubble comming out from behind this building:


Saying "Ohh! What kind of game are you playing with little Susie? Can I play?". Then lastly I need a moving gif of a man waving his fist in the air (excitedly) in the middle of the road. And then being hit by a bus. Can you do that? Please? Thanks. --Magic Snow man 03:51, December 12, 2010 (UTC)


  • Here are the first two images that you asked for. I am currently working on making the other animated gif. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 04:53, December 12, 2010 (UTC)

Those are great, thanks. Can't wait to see the other one! --Magic Snow man 05:43, December 12, 2010 (UTC)

  • Okay here's the last one. I don't normally make animated gifs so I'm sorry they are so choppy. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 07:08, December 12, 2010 (UTC)
AAGGH! That bus is driving itself! *flails* 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 07:31, 12 December, 2010
It's a magic bus. Obviously. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 07:33, December 12, 2010 (UTC)
It had better not spread. When the sentient truck disease spread to the helicopters.... it was awful. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 07:41, 12 December, 2010
Yes! I like it! Thank you! --Magic Snow man 14:37, December 12, 2010 (UTC)
Oh! Actually one more thing! Can you make the last one look like the guy waving is in the city at night? Please? I should've said that before. Sorry. --Magic Snow man 14:40, December 12, 2010 (UTC)
Changing the background now will probably take me like an hour. I'll do it when I've got some time. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 05:22, December 13, 2010 (UTC)
That's fine, take as much time as you want. Like I said, I should've said that before. --Magic Snow man 20:15, December 13, 2010 (UTC)

No, it sucks. (just joking) That's great. Thanks. --Magic Snow man 15:15, December 15, 2010 (UTC)

User:Zombiebaron/wip/UnNews:Warner Bros. announce that Jon Stewart will make a cameo appearance as John Stewart in the upcoming Green Lantern movie‎‎

This will go in the 1-spot on the Front Page on the strength of the Shoop; first UnNews in three days to have an inviting photo. But please file with a much shorter title; for instance, UnNews:Jon Stewart to play John Stewart in "Green Lantern". Spıke Ѧ 00:33 15-Dec-10


PS--You do Shoops on request? Would you please give this guy some very visible stitches on the lower lip, a black eye, and Band-Aids? It's for an old UnNews, but I have a feeling Battered Obama will be useful in UnNewses throughout 2011. Spıke Ѧ 00:36 15-Dec-10

I'm really glad that you want to put my article on the main page. But it's not done yet and I may not finish it for awhile. Or I may finish it later tonight. Or I might not. I'm just gonna go right ahead and ignore your suggestion to shorten the title. I'll do the Obama image for you later too. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 00:41, December 15, 2010 (UTC)

I will be in your debt.

But not so much so as to insist that, although an article must state Who, What, Where, etcetera, it doesn't have to do so in the bleepin' headline. We have a cover to maintain, that of a Real News Service, at least until the reader starts paying attention. Spıke Ѧ 01:37 15-Dec-10

  • Ok here's your Battered Obama. I hope you like it. I may consider your suggestion to change the title of my news article. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 07:09, December 16, 2010 (UTC)
How is your piece coming along? 18-Dec would be a prime ETA at UnNews; if not, I'll have to write a Battered Obama story. Spıke Ѧ 00:19 18-Dec-10
I know what I'm going to write, mostly, but I just need to find some time to write it. I am a very busy Zombiebaron. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 01:29, December 18, 2010 (UTC)
I hate it when Zombiebarons are busy! Never mind; I've just done my Battered Obama story--the first new use of your shoop--and PF4Eva has filed a movie review. Saturday, however, has been a slow day. Spıke Ѧ 01:38 18-Dec-10

Ban Patrol

When does that get checked?--If you're 555 then I'm Number of the Beast Talk What's it like to be a heretic? 06:23, December 15, 2010 (UTC)

Ban Patrol gets checked several times a day by many different admins. Pretty much whenever they feel like it. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 06:29, December 15, 2010 (UTC)
Good to know--If you're 555 then I'm Number of the Beast Talk What's it like to be a heretic? 06:39, December 15, 2010 (UTC)

I'm done!

What do you think? --Magic Snow man 18:21, December 16, 2010 (UTC)

It's a very strange short book with a nice concept. It could use some more jokes and content, but other than that I like it. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 18:32, December 16, 2010 (UTC)
Thanks. --Magic Snow man 18:49, December 16, 2010 (UTC)

middlesex county

my username is jerseyman4. I cant seem to log on to it. Is that ok? The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

Yes that is ok. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 04:39, December 19, 2010 (UTC)

Beelzebub. . .

. . .now sits on VFD. Come, speak to the masses, and hold your page high. A little higher. OK, there. And congrats on the zoo book as #1 of the month, a long and hazardous journey for that page but it did gooth!! Aleister 22:53 19 12

Thanks man, and thanks for letting me know. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 01:47, December 20, 2010 (UTC)
You really should work on that one. I'd expect better of you. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 02:03, 20 December 2010
Psh, most of my old articles are complete crap and I'll be the first to admit it. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 02:11, December 20, 2010 (UTC)
Well, you could at least do something about all the crap edits since... doing a comparison, it seems to have gotten worse. And I'm too lazy to do anything about it. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 02:36, 20 December 2010
Me too. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 04:30, December 20, 2010 (UTC)
I'm almost inclined to change my vote to delete, now, except... well, that'd take effort. >.< 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 04:33, 20 December 2010
Cool. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 04:35, December 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • Concerning Beelzebub, is the whole thing about him being female your idea? If so, how dare you insult one of the anti-cosmic gods by calling him a woman! The problem with the article was extreme irrelevancy to the true Lord of the Flies. You could move the current contents of the article to a page called Brenda or something and it would be better. --Wilytank can be a pain in the ass. 16:20, December 20, 2010 (UTC)
    Thanks for your input. However, I don't think I'll be moving the page any time soon. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:52, December 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • Zombie, on VFD, you admit that the article is crap, and that you don't intend to do anything about it. And you can see that a couple other people have joined you on the Keep side, probably out of intimidation. Don't you think you should flip and let us plow this one under--either that or make time for it? (PS--I responded, re: UnNews, on my talk page.) Spıke Ѧ 17:00 20-Dec-10
Just for the record Spike, I voted to keep because I think there's potential there, not because it was written by an admin. I've nomed articles for VFD myself before, that were written by admins. I don't like what you are saying, because as it undermines the character of voters in terms of sincerity and also undermines admins around here.--Sycamore (Talk) 17:09, December 20, 2010 (UTC)
Me? Intimidate people? Never! -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:52, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

I dunno...

User:Lyrithya/personal appeal/notice/template thing/stupid workaround/7 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 08:39, 20 December 2010

Wow. I really really like that. Might I suggest that you move the words "Please consider:" closer to the rest of the text (either up or down). Also, I think you should make sannse's banner gayer. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 08:45, December 20, 2010 (UTC)
'Kay... does the gay appeal thing really work, though? It just seems like it wouldn't really be that funny... not that I have any better ideas. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 17:43, 20 December 2010
ZB mon. 7, it's kind of done. I guess. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 20:20, December 20, 2010 (UTC)
Cool. I think you should probably ask sannse for ideas for her banner. Also, I think the text on my banner needs to be moved a bit to the left, because the word "For" is obscured by my rotting arm. Thanks Lyrithya! -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 20:36, December 20, 2010 (UTC)
That's because you're using safari. If you'd not use Safari, you wouldn't have this problem... Eh, I'll give it a proper subtitling. Or you could, however you wrote it up on the VFD one... save it as a transparent image, and stuff.
As for asking sannse, she seemed less than enthusiastic about the whole affair. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 21:02, 20 December 2010
Oops. I feel like I missed that last comment. But everything is fixed now so it doesn't matter. Maybe sannse's appeal should be less than enthusiastic? -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 05:48, December 21, 2010 (UTC)
Since we don't actually have an appeal, any appeal, it's all just one line... 'A less than enthusiastic appeal from Wikia staff sannse'...? Except I still dunno what would work for an image for that. Finding pictures of sannse is strangely more difficult than for that jimmy bloke. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 14:38, 21 December 2010
You could use this picture for the gay appeal. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:34, December 21, 2010 (UTC)
Oh, fine... fine. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 22:35, 21 December 2010



You, being eaten by a snake

So, i made a book for your adventure at the zoo, but I didn't like it and i give it to you. You're free to... stare at it... --M&M (christmas mood) Christmastrree 14:21, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks man. I don't really think that your image fits in with with my adventure to the zoo, but I have added it to my gallery of images of myself so I know where it is in case I want to use it for something in the future. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 20:38, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

User:Лёва Корова

He is an absolutely idiot! Please, block him! In Ukrainian Uncyclopedia we have done it. --Символ юстиції Vox 18:46, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

She hath not done for block nothing! Only profession love for Lyrithya in section title ==Lyrithya==, then again in section title ==Lyrithya==.
Who say nothing against Lyrithya only name meaning "petunia" in Russian. In Soviet Russia, petunia ban you! (Sorry.) Leon Trotsky (deceased)
o__o 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 19:40, 20 December 2010

from User talk:SPIKE: I sued for blocking not simply so. It is any way not about Lyrithya or smth. similar else. If you will look here (and if you will be able to translate russian curses) you will understand that happened. --Символ юстиції Vox 19:33, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

My note above (as Trotsky) was not to disagree with you but to parody bad English. I did look there and I cannot translate Russian curses; it has been decades since my single semester of Russian. I can see that she is asking to be banned, and I recognize only half the words in the final line. Bottom line, checking her Contributions, her only mainspace edit is to Russia (changing nonsense numbers to more sensible exaggerations); everything else is buzzing around various users. Do you think she is Russian? or an American student of the Russian language looking for people to troll? Spıke Ѧ 20:32 20-Dec-10
Thank you. It's realy right. And I'm sorry for my bad English. (And to SPIKE: This is HE, not SHE. And he is stupid russian.) --Символ юстиції Vox 21:03, December 20, 2010 (UTC)
And I am sorry for my bad Russian! So -ова and not -а is the important ending? "Lyova Korova" seemed to me like a rhyming female name. Spıke Ѧ 21:10 20-Dec-10
  • Yes. Ending is important in our languages (Ukrainian, russian and another slavic languages). In the first time I thought "it's SHE" too. --Символ юстиції Vox 21:17, December 20, 2010 (UTC)
Damn, i tried to translate that stuff from Google, and i see, that Лёва Корова (can somebody help me with these letters, i want know how i can do letters like Л)wants to being unbanned. The other stuff i tried to translate, did not work.. (Damn you Google) But... What is he done, that he must been banned? Just curious... Cat the Colourful (Feed Me!!!)Leave me alone... Sleeping Cat 11:09, December 21, 2010
He has blanked two user pages and been a general annoyance to many other users. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 11:12, December 21, 2010 (UTC)

The Thirteen Edits

Thank you for continuing to copy the thirteen edits. Saved me the time which I was about to expend. I've moved them to the Forum as well, put a top and bottom border on them, maybe you know of a good left and right side-borders. They, of course, must find their way to their own page at some point soon. Thanks again! And Russian Christmas to you. Aleister 14:20 Solstice MMX

No problem man. And a merry Russian Christmas to you too. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:30, December 21, 2010 (UTC)

The ZB advert

While I think we can all do with more ZBs in our lives, I'd like to change the message to "vote on VFH" or "VFP", I think it's a bad idea to advertise VFD as this is not a core activity for Uncyclopedia, and VFH needs more attention than VFD tbh. Are you OK with it? --~Jewriken.GIF 14:30, December 21, 2010 (UTC)

Why not use the other ones for that, one for VFP, the rest for VFH, perhaps? They're all set to Special:Random currently... seems like a waste. *shifty eyes* 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 14:35, 21 December 2010
I'd agree with the Jew. I'd sooner see an advert for the Colonisation page rather than VFD. -- Sir Mhaille Icons-flag-gb (talk to me)
We can use the rest to direct to VFP, VFH, Colonization and the PLS forum. ~Jewriken.GIF 14:48, December 21, 2010 (UTC)
But this was all part of a grand plan to try to decrappify the game namespace... a horribly undefined, unagreed-upon, unelocuted one, yes, but it.... blargle. It needs it. It really does. People completely miss the good ones amidst all that crud, and it's a right bloody shame... *shifty eyes* 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 16:03, 21 December 2010
  • Ok guys, now two of the banners link to VFH, one links to VFP, one links to the PLS Dump, and one links to Imperial Colonization. You're welcome. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:39, December 21, 2010 (UTC)
    But they're so dull... ain't you a comedian? How about something witty? Do you accept bribes? Though did I ever thank you for dealing with the whole sitenotice thing at ll? Thanks, by the by. Pretties be important. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 19:53, 21 December 2010
    Brevity is. No problem. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:55, December 21, 2010 (UTC)
    Ok so I "got inspired" and wrote some titles. Are these witty enough for you? -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 22:27, December 21, 2010 (UTC)
    They're wonderful! Absolutely fabulous, love. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 22:37, 21 December 2010
    Thanks ZB! ~Jewriken.GIF 10:33, December 22, 2010 (UTC)
    You're welcome. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:03, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

I needed a way...

To show the real extent of my gratitude for you making those images for me. So I got you an early Christmas present.

Magic man got you a present!
Don't open it till Christmas!

I'm not shure if the template is your present, or the present inside the template is your present... --Magic Snow man 15:45, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks man. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:04, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks again...

For the awesome pictures. They're perfect. On a slightly different note, I know that you and Al were behind the brilliant 13 edits of Riker and I thought you might like to have a look at this. It's something a wrote on a whim but I think it's hilarious. I'm planning on seeing if I can get it posted on Christmas Eve. It goes to the rhythm of "Night Before Christmas." If you like it, I was hoping you might spruce it up a bit because I'm no good at that stuff. Thanks again for the photos. --John Lydon 21:32, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

Oh no problem man, making pictures is my pleasure. I've read the first few lines of your poem and it looks good. What did you have in mind in terms of sprucing it up? -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 22:30, December 22, 2010 (UTC)
I can turn it pink if you want... 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 22:38, 22 December 2010
Something wintery. I talked to Lyrithya and she was going to look into it if your're too busy. Maybe some snow flakes around the edges or something. I thought it would be hilarious if we could get the article up to shape and nom it for VFH. I was planning on crediting Riker as the primary author. Definition of irony = guy quitting because he sucks at writing, only to be awarded a feature after quitting. --John Lydon 15:47, December 23, 2010 (UTC)
Eh, it will have at least some pink. You'll just have to... deal with it, eh? 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 16:14, 23 December 2010
Ok. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:26, December 23, 2010 (UTC)
Huh? 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 19:47, 23 December 2010
It is ok that you make John's page pretty because I am busy and in fact I will away from my computer for the next few days. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 20:49, December 23, 2010 (UTC)
I'm busy too, I suck at images, and he was making it out like you were going to do those, and now I am going to run around flailing. Yes. Flailing.
*runs around, flailing, a bit*
'Kay, I'm done. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 20:53, 23 December 2010


O am really drunk and the girl i want to shag is across the road. what shopuld i do?                               Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 09:51, Dec 23 2010 UTC

I am really... fuck it u get the concept. !                              Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 09:52, Dec 23 2010 UTC
more importANTLY, SHOULD I HAVE ANOTHER DRINK?                               Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 09:54, Dec 23 2010 UTC
wheeeeeeere!                               Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 09:55, Dec 23 2010 UTC
Sorry about the caps                               Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 09:55, Dec 23 2010 UTC
Yes, yes, and yes. Happy trails. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 09:56, December 23, 2010 (UTC)
Lack of guidance for drunk contributor@!                               Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 09:57, Dec 23 2010 UTC
troll = potr. oppps!                               Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 09:58, Dec 23 2010 UTC
Sorry, forgot to sign                               Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 10:00, Dec 23 2010 UTC
Ok, I blocked you for five minutes so I could leave you this message without getting edit conflicted. All I really wanted to say is that I'm going to bed now and I hope the rest of your night is awesome. Good night PuppyOnTheRadio. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 10:06, December 23, 2010 (UTC)

Goodnight. Rarity and unlikely to be repeated. Tanks.                               Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 10:21, Dec 23 2010 UTC

having said that harass harass harass                              Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 11:22, Dec 23 2010 UTC
Hahaha -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:27, December 23, 2010 (UTC)


What? Did you think I was going to let Magic Man be the only one who wished you a Merry Christmas? No way!

I was feeling bored so I made this template.
Merry Christmas!

No way! --M&M (christmas mood) Christmastrree 11:45, December 23, 2010 (UTC)

Great, thanks man, and may you have a happy new year. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:15, December 23, 2010 (UTC)


So what should I do about... a case like this? User makes the game itself and keeps the game in its userpace, but puts the first page of it in the gamespace, even gloating about how the rest of it is in its userspace... and it's just bad, anyhow.

This time I seem to have gone with the just let you deal with it option, but what would be the proper approach to such a thing in general? 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 17:51, 23 December 2010

Ok I deleted it. In general, things like this should probably just be brought straight to the attention of an admin, because then we can make the decision of what to do next, be it VFD or just a good old instahuffing. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:23, December 23, 2010 (UTC)
Mmkay. *shifty eyes* 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 19:39, 23 December 2010
I seem to recall a similar situation previously and the game was delete on sight and user banned as there shouldn't be any links to userspace from gamespace pages. (And I have a headache.)                               Puppy's talk page00:40, June 5, 2009 Thursday, 23:31, Dec 23 2010 UTC
Linking to your userspace from the mainspaces isn't really a bannable offense. It's just stupid. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 03:42, December 24, 2010 (UTC)

You may want to check this out, too. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 16:05, 24 December 2010

FFS. I was up until 7am this morning huffing pages in the gamespace and I didn't even huff them all. I'm gonna be away for the next few days, so you're gonna have to get someone else to huff this garbage for you until I get back. Or you could just wait for my return. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:48, December 24, 2010 (UTC)
Poor Zombiebaron... maybe it is time to spam up qvfd, after all. Or perhaps not. Anyhow, enjoy your time off. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 19:54, 24 December 2010

I'm curious

Do you ever try to delete too many things too quickly and get database errors? 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 13:33, 28 December 2010

I only get a database error when I try to delete the same thing twice. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 18:54, December 28, 2010 (UTC)
Lyrithya, the fact that it happens to you is not proof that your actions caused it. The slaves sometimes lag the master and other things go wrong here sporadically. Spıke Ѧ 19:13 28-Dec-10
Eh? What? How would that happen to me? I'm not even an admin. o_O 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 19:35, 28 December 2010
And Zombiebaron, why would you try to delete the same thing twice? 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 19:36, 28 December 2010
The magic of tabbed browsing. It doesn't happen often, but it's happened a few times lately while I've been huffing game pages. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 19:54, December 28, 2010 (UTC)
But there are so many left to huff... o_O 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 20:49, 28 December 2010
Yes I know. I was hoping somebody else would huff them while I was away, but now that I'm back I will huff them some time in the next few days. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 20:56, December 28, 2010 (UTC)
I'll try to find some new games in the meantime. *beams* 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 21:06, 28 December 2010
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