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This is where I type words. Whenever I go to edit my talk-page to make replies the whole thing freezes up because my computer (and this site) is extremely slow. It's really weird. Sorry I haven't been around, my deviant boss, and the message from August and my seeing it in December was something that had me singin' the blues! And all the Jazz! Another thing is when I did try to add a reply to it, it messed it up and placed my reply into the actual box thingy. I had to edit the WHOLE talk page just to get it out of that box thingy. How do I edit just one section that has a box thingy without the words being over-imposed on the words in the box thingy? I said box thingy several times, haha! I wanna be in the Mafia even if we're the laziest gang. I'm putting this here in the talk page because, you guessed it, I can't get around the box thingy. The Mafia's Sweetheart 20sHat.gif Chief Miss. Aleksandra "Flairs" Nacky MafiaHatBlack.gif

Hey Nacky!! What's this box thing you're talking about?? —ASSHOLE WHORE MafiaHatBlack Mr. Antonio Yettie (talk) [17:05 9 December 2010]
The black article-looking box that has the list of MORE gambling, MORE guns, MORE whores, etc. in it. I tried to reply to it on the last section on my talk page but it kept throwing my words inside the box thingy, so I edited the whole talk page just to get it underneath the box thingy so my reply could be seen. Anyway sorry I've been so long off the radar, I miss yas! The Mafia's Sweetheart 20sHat.gif Chief Miss. Aleksandra "Flairs" Nacky MafiaHatBlack.gif
How's life been! —ASSHOLE WHORE MafiaHatBlack Mr. Antonio Yettie (talk) [16:49 10 December 2010]
It's been great! Went back into Kung Fu training so I'm definitely good on any mob activity (winky wink) and the Mongols will like us better, haha! Let's see, been to Florida more this year than the last couple of years, so I've been keeping busy. Since having made a kind of homestead there, don't have to lug down so much equipment. Haven't been doing much singing on the circuit lately. Just busy with other activities. Taking up ballroom dance lessons. I learned the waltz! Want to learn the Tango, because it's the TANGO! A very passionate dance. On other things, the neighbors are building something in their garage and it looks like they're going to add a bigger porch onto their house. I still have that little nasty delusional clinically insane stalker. I have a bunch of work to get done on the lists I run and moderate. Just moving files and organizing them at the moment. Basically that's it. I travel alot so that's why I haven't been around much. I do have a laptop computer but when I'm out of town, out of state, I rarely find time to get on and check anything. Also you can't blame a girl for opting to lay on the beach in the bright sun instead of booting up the wifi. Plus I don't like to get sand on my hardware LOL! So, how are you doing? My sweet mobster of the MORE of everything? The Mafia's Sweetheart 20sHat.gif Chief Miss. Aleksandra "Flairs" Nacky MafiaHatBlack.gif
Woah. Is there anything you haven't done?? Impressive. Beaches, dancing, travelling and kung fu! Very impressive. I am doing fine. Clearly though, I'm doing something wrong, and not quite living life as excitingly as you are! I've been to Spain on holiday this year. And Spain again. That was quite nice. Swimming pools and picturesque squares and the like. Been helping a friend with their new blog ( - a bit British for you though, perhaps. :) But yeh. In general I've been good. And, wait, hang on...stalker??! —ASSHOLE WHORE MafiaHatBlack Mr. Antonio Yettie (talk) [17:50 13 December 2010]
Well I've been busy, with exciting things I suppose. The training in martial arts is more of my way to channel my chi. I have a very strong chi. The dance lessons are mainly for fun and to enhance my movements. I wish I could have been there in Spain with yas visiting! Totally cool. Florida is just so laid back that yours and my vacation sounds pretty much on par with each other. Yeah I still have that crazy ass stalker. A mentally deranged psycho bitch who went on some celebrity cruise and didn't get her way then returned to my yahoogroup to spew about it. I wasn't there so she thought she could lie about everything and it was so obvious that she lied about her so-called drama. Apparently I was expected to let her threaten my members when they grew tired of her bullshit stories about what happened on that cruise. I got threatened when I hadn't even said anything and my friends all asked that I ban her, which I did. Then the stalking began. I was forced to change my email address, my group's name, everything. We got spammed repeatedly with calendar reminders and a bunch of other stuff (she kinda had a helper do that) and then next thing I know, she's attacking all other groups I'm in, then calling our house and we finally had the police involved and got a restraining order. So now all the batshit insane bitch can do is go around and claim she's a victim because she was "treated badly and had the police set against her". The stalker has taken alot of people's resources, time and energy and has tried to take away my feelings of safety, security and peacefulness but failing miserably. I guess one of the things that comes with the art of Kung Fu is that you learn to fight so that you don't have to fight. I don't live in fear of that monster but I know she's going to continue her sickness wherever she goes, so it's someone else's problem. BTW, I will check out that link, because I'm interested. Despite it being British and all! LOL! That was a joke. ;) The Mafia's Sweetheart 20sHat.gif Chief Miss. Aleksandra "Flairs" Nacky MafiaHatBlack.gif
Oh dear...internet nutjob. Good that that all ended happily. :) And yes, even though it's British! :) Your life is at least extremely colourful. —ASSHOLE WHORE MafiaHatBlack Mr. Antonio Yettie (talk) [18:07 16 December 2010]
Yeah that internet nutjob still obsesses over me and my cliques. Bloody hell. But like I say, I'm not going to let some lowlife who needs dumped in the Hudson River ruin my life. Just gotta protect more of my stuff is all. Private profiles, restricted memberships on my groups so, despite the inconvenience it's nothing too bad now. BTW, what's up with this place? If you look at my userpage, the boxes that my pictures are supposed to be in are gone! Also I had all the other pics lined up horizontally, not vertically. Can you fix that? Sheesh what's that potato up to anyway? The Mafia's Sweetheart 20sHat.gif Chief Miss. Aleksandra "Flairs" Nacky MafiaHatBlack.gif
It all appears to be fine on your userpage? I understand not! —ASSHOLE WHORE MafiaHatBlack Mr. Antonio Yettie (talk) [20:31 17 December 2010]
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